Choices in Perspective

Today (Sunday, when I’m actually writing this), was the Pier Street Market. It’s the Market that I read tarot at every Sunday (almost) from May-September, in lovely Campbell River, BC.

Market Comparison Walks WithinIt’s right on the waterfront, next to the pier. It’s an absolutely gorgeous location – beautiful sea breeze, view of the water and Quadra Island. And most of the summer, the weather is great. We have the odd occasion where the wind threatens to take out our tent, but we’ve had sun almost the whole season.

Except today. Today, autumn announced itself, with wind and rain. Close to half of the vendors (I think) backed out or just didn’t show up today. We even sat in the parking lot for a while trying to decide whether to stay or go, and if we stayed, how and where to set up.

We did stay, and really had to adapt for the weather. Because of the wind, the rain got everywhere, even inside the pop-up. Every gust spattered us inside the tent. (Admittedly, the pop-up is three years old, and it gets regular use in the summer, so the canopy is showing its age.)

We used our van as a brace, and bungee’d the legs to the tires. We used the curtains that normally make a privacy area for reading to make a canopy within the canopy, so the tarot cards would stay dry. We pulled the table back further into the tent, and didn’t put out all of our normal display to avoid damage.

And then we waited.

And waited.

And smiled at the hardy folks who came to the Market. And waited.

I thought to myself, “This is it. This is going to be the first day that I haven’t even made my table fees.”

This isn’t actually the first time that I have thought that. I have had quiet days in the past. The mental conversation typically goes something like this:

“Quiet day today. It’s still early. It will pick up. Today’s going to be the first day that I don’t make my table fees. Grr! That sucks. Focus on the positive. Be attractive. Maybe that person will come for a reading. No? I’m so angry. They’re going to ask for my table fees and it has to come out of my pocket. GRRR! Calm down. Relax. I can’t have lunch, because I haven’t made any money, and now I’m hangry, too. Great. ”

Et cetera, et cetera, working myself up into a tizzy of frustration and poor me. Which usually ends up as a lot of wasted energy, because I have always covered my table fees, at a minimum.

Today was different. The conversation started out the same. Up until the “Grr!” Today, it was, “Oh well. I’ve done well at other Markets, and that’s part of the risk of coming out.”

I actually maintained a positive expectation to cover the table fees. Yes, I dipped into doubt a few times, and I was able to bring myself back up easily. Even when the Market coordinator came to collect the fees, I was OK with it. I didn’t complain. I mentioned that we hadn’t done any business today, but not in the hope of not having to pay (like I sometimes have before). More as information for how the Market went overall.

I tried to work out the reasons we weren’t doing as well. Was it the weather? Was it our location? Was it because our tent was set back a little from the rest of the row? Was it because we had less on display? Did it really matter?

No. It didn’t. I was in a position of abundance instead of lack. Is positive thinking and a positive attitude a cure for all your ills? No. It still helps.

Sure enough, in the last half hour of the Market, I had two full length readings back to back that not only covered the table fees, they also covered the lunch my husband and I had. Thank you, Universe!



Tarot Thursday: Two of Cups

This post has been sitting in draft mode for … far too long. I saw the lovely couple who modeled for this card this past weekend, and it motivated me to get off my butt and write this post.

2 of cups tarot card Walks Within ArtLoveLightThe suit of cups is about your emotions, your relationships – both romantic and otherwise – and dreams and intuition. It is associated with the element of water, so it can also indicate the subconscious, or what lies underneath.

Twos are about polarity and balance. Polarity is like a magnet – when two things that possess an opposite charge come near each other, they draw each other in like a magnet.

The two of cups shows a couple looking lovingly at one another, and raising their glasses in a toast to each other. The two colors from their cups combined create purple, a beautiful Union which twines up the caduceus into the head of a lions head with wings. He holds a golden rimmed cup and she holds a silver rimmed cup. A flash of light sparks where their cups clink together.

They stand on a peaceful sandy beach – water is lapping calmly and peacefully at their feet. They are barefoot, grounded in reality and trusting the earth to support them.

The two of cups is most often about a relationship (remember, this could be a romantic relationship, a friendship, or even a business partnership) that brings out the best qualities in each person.

It is the relationship that completes you, or makes you both more than you are on your own.

Depending on where this card falls in your reading, it could mean that this is a relationship that you are attracting into your life, like that magnet.

Or it could mean falling in love with yourself and finding your own wholeness.

There is a lot of polarity in the colors in this card. Stereotypically, pink symbolizes feminine, and blue symbolizes masculine. The woman is holding a cup with pink liquid, and the man is holding the cup with blue liquid. However, the woman is dressed in blue and white like the water, while the man is dressed in yellow and red like fire.

We each have “feminine” and “masculine” traits (I actually prefer the terms receptive and projective because they aren’t gender specific) receptive and projective traits within us, and so it indicates that the two people in this card are balanced within themselves. Two balanced people coming together definitely creates a more balanced relationship!

Where the cups overlap, we see the liquid turns purple, often a color representing spirit, or that essence that is beyond and greater than the physical experience.

From the union of the cups (and the couple) rises a cadeceus, with a winged lion head. The pinkish glow and the golden wings indicate the thought form created by the joining of these two people is one of peace and protection. The pinkish glow indicates affection, the gold, highest and best. The wings are balanced.

You may not know what a caduceus is, though you may recognize the symbol. The cadeceus was the staff of Hermes, the Greek God of commerce, communication, and so many other things. It is a symbol of healing, balance, and finding equilibrium.

It is a wand with two serpents twined round it, surmounted by two wings. The ancient Greeks believed it to exercise influence over the living and the dead, bestow wealth and prosperity, and turn everything it touched into gold.

The wings of the caduceus symbolize the ‘winged radiance’ of those who have achieved the dynamic equilibrium of the two lobes of the medulla, the petals of the third-eye chakra, as well as the lightning speed of Hermes as Messenger of the Gods.

The rod of the caduceus is called a ‘laya rod,’ a central staff surrounded by the positive and negative energy of the serpents. It is the neutral Sushumna, the channel of the Sun’s One Ray.

Theosophy Trust

OK, I could probably add more, and I’ve put off posting this more than long enough! What else do you see in the Two of Cups?


Mary and Katana

Tarot Thursdays Have Been on Hiatus

I’ve been feeling a bit guilty lately. I was off to a really good start with Tarot Thursdays, and then, they just fell off the map.

Hermit tarot card Walks Within ArtLoveLightThere’s a number of reasons – I went back to work full time. My goodness, that takes more energy than I would like to admit, especially because things weren’t, and still aren’t quite, fully resolved there.

Katana, our amazing artist, moved to Hawaii. She made the decision and moved within a month! She’s getting settled there, and we aren’t quite back to our routine yet.

And I just found out my thyroid levels were low again. That leads to very low energy, among other things. We’ve just increased my medication, so hopefully I will start feeling better soon.

Tarot Thursdays, or rather, the recent lack of them, have been on my mind, though. Each week I would think, maybe I’ll start it up again this week. And then it would be Friday again, and I’d be exhausted, and clearly, it didn’t happen.

This past weekend I did a lot of readings. We were up at Filomi Days in Port Hardy (at the northern end of Vancouver Island) on Saturday, and at the Pier Street Market in Campbell River on Sunday. My teacher taught me that when you see a card, or cards, come up over and over again in your readings, that is the message that the cards have for you.

Of course, when you do a lot of readings in a short span of time, the chances of seeing any particular card more than once are high. I’m talking about the card(s) that come up in several readings.

My messages this weekend were the Queen of Pentacles, the Knight of Pentacles, and the Hermit.

The Queen of Pentacles is the nurturer, the caregiver. She’s the one who has abundance, and makes sure that everyone has food to eat, and a roof over their head, and all of their needs taken care of. Sometimes she does this at her own expense. She may be the one who drops everything to help a friend or loved one. If she does this often enough, she’s eventually going to run out of energy. Who’s taking care of her?

The message I receive from this card is that I need to make sure I am taking time for myself and for self care. I have to practice sacred selfishness a little more often! So I had a chair massage at the Market yesterday, and my mom and I are having a spa day next week. I am really looking forward to that!

The Knight of Pentacles is the defender, the protector. While all of the other Knights tend to be the ones that rush into action, the Knight of Pentacles is the one that makes sure that the home front is protected. Whenever this card comes up, I think of the farmer or rancher walking the fences, making sure there are no holes, and that everything is safe.

The message I receive from this is to make sure I’ve put it place the items to protect what I have built. Perhaps it is time to update my will, clean up my bank accounts, make sure I’ve got a contingency fund, and get a health check up (I just saw the naturopath on Friday).

I’ve already written in depth about the Hermit. You can read that post here.

The message I receive from the Hermit is it’s time for me to do some work on my shadow side. I need to take the skeletons out of my closet and examine them. I need to look at those parts of myself that I’m not necessarily proud of. And then, I need to do something about them.

That something could be accepting myself as I am. It could be forgiving myself for past mistakes. It could be making some changes to fix some of the things I’m not happy about. Or it could (very likely) be a little of all of the above.

Regardless, I have some work to do. I’ll be in my own little world, taking care of myself, and doing some self examination.

Don’t expect another Tarot Thursday post just yet!



Tarot Thursday: The High Priestess

This is one my favorite cards, maybe even my absolute favorite card. (That’s why it’s me on this card!) When I met Robin Wood many years ago, this was one of the two cards I had her sign for me. (The other was the Queen of Cups.)

High priestess tarot Walks Within ArtLoveLightThe High Priestess is the third card of the Major Arcana. Remember that the Major Arcana are life lessons, or overarching themes.

The High Priestess tarot card is about intuition, the unseen and the subconscious. It’s about mystery and the unknown, knowing without knowing how or why.

The High Priestess depicts a woman in blue robes, wearing a triple moon crown. She stands between two pillars, one white and one black. Between the pillars hangs a veil. In the background is a new moon, and a pomegranate tree, which also shows some sacred geometry.

There are lots of mysteries in this card! Where to begin…

The High Priestess is in blue robes. Blue represents spirituality and spiritual gifts, like intuition and spirit guides. It is the color of water, the emotional realm, diving to the depths finding the truths hidden beneath the surface.

On her head she wears a triple moon crown, with the waxing, full and waning moon representing the Maiden, Mother, and Crone faces of the Goddess. And behind her head is the New moon, the representation of Dark Goddess, the one who teaches the most challenging lessons of our shadows. The moon is a symbol of the feminine principle, for it is the moon that governs the tides, both of the sea and of the blood.

At her feet is another crescent moon. In ancient times, the planet Venus was known as the morning and the evening star. It was seen above the crescent moon – the Goddess, or the Virgin Mary, with the moon beneath her feet – mistress of the heavens. It symbolizes having a foundation in the subconscious that influences all of us, and trusting intuition.

She holds in her hands a wand and a scroll. The wand is her ability to direct her will to create change in her world. The scroll symbolizes the knowledge she has gained through study and self-reflection. She holds them both close to her heart, for knowledge and power are both valued, and tempered by her heart.

On her chest is a Hekate wheel, a symbol of the Goddess Hekate. She was a Greek, and probably pre-Greek, Goddess who had the ability to walk between all the worlds – heaven, and Earth, and the Underworld. She is the torch-bearer who lights the way, and the keeper of the keys to the mysteries and knowledge.

At her waist is a cross-quartered circle, with the Native American colors for the four directions, the elements in balance. The High Priestess respects the balance and cycles of the natural world, and learns from observing them.

The High Priestess stands between two pillars, one white and one black. In the Kabbalah, these are known as Joachim and Boaz, the pillar of mercy and the pillar of severity. These are the projective and receptive principles of the Universe, the feminine and the masculine, the conscious and the unconscious, the yin and the yang. Yet the High Priestess stands in the center, the balance and harmony between the two, the integration of BOTH.

There is a veil hung between the two pillars, waving in the unseen breeze, tempting you to look beyond and see what mysteries there may be hidden just out of sight.

Beyond the veil stands the pomegranate tree. Pomegranates are also symbols of the Goddess, of secret knowledge, and the mysteries of life, death and rebirth. The sacred geometry is the flower of life with the pomegranates hanging in the tree of life configuration.

I’m sure there’s more. What do you see?


Mary and Katana

Market Season is Here!

Spring is here! (It is in full bloom here on Vancouver Island.) And that means Market time, and tarot readings!

There’s a bit of me that is disappointed with myself for not having made more sweater coats over the winter. I’m working on being gentle with myself – I had healing and other work to do.

Tea-and-Tarot-Poster-rev-smI’m actually excited to get back to reading regularly. It is something I quite enjoy!

Here’s the upcoming schedule of events (so far!):

I’m sure there will be more events added as the time goes forward. And fingers crossed that I can get some more sweater coats made.

I hope to see some of you at the markets!



Tarot Thursday – Ace of Pentacles

Hooray! Pentacles again! This is a powerful time of manifestation.

If you recall from the last Tarot Thursday post, the suit of Pentacles is about your resources – your home, your body and your physical health, your money and how you manifest things in your life.

Ace of Pentacles tarot card Walks Within ArtLoveLightAces are beginnings, opportunities, something new. They can also represent the pure form of the suit, the ideal.

In this case, that means new job opportunities, or new ways to manifest your desires. Perhaps it means a move to a new home, or a new development in your health.

In its pure form, the Ace of Pentacles is very much about manifestation. Pentacles correspond with the element of Earth (hence the physical aspect). In the process of manifestation, Earth is the final step, the actual materialization of the idea or desire.

This card shows a golden disc or coin with a pentacle on it. (Interesting side note: a pentacle is a pentagram inscribed in a circle. A pentagram is a five-pointed star.)

If you look closely at the coin, you’ll see the continents of North and South America. This isn’t just a coin. It’s the world, the Earth (just in case you didn’t get the connection 🙂 ).

The pentacle is being held out by a hand – is it giving or receiving? Both are very important. Perhaps this is an opportunity that you will help provide for someone else! Or the Universe may be providing it to you. Go with your instincts, and evaluate where it is in your spread.

In the background are lush green vines heavy with grapes. It is a beautiful garden, ripe with possibility. The world is abundant, and abundance is your birthright. Remember that abundance comes in many forms, and not just in your bank account!


Mary and Katana

Tarot Thursday: Four of Pentacles

The suit of Pentacles is about your resources – your home, your body and your physical health, your money and how you manifest things in your life.

Four of Pentacles tarot Walks Within ArtLoveLightFours represent stability or consistency in the tarot. They can also represent stagnation, because stability doesn’t always mean growth.

The four of pentacles is often called “the miser card”. I think this every time the 4 of pentacles comes up in a reading. It definitely calls to mind images of Scrooge in his counting house, not enjoying the resources he has acquired.

The four of pentacles depicts a man, alone, in a very sparsely, though richly (purple curtains, a hardwood floor, and a large window), furnished building. Through the windows you can see that there is some sort of celebration going on, but the man’s back is turned away from it. He is holding a pentacle in his arms, there is one under each foot, and one behind his head.

This card represents a place of stability with your resources, at the expense of having fun! It can be a predictor of a loss of stability, because when you hold on to something too tightly, you end up losing it. Kind of like saving for a “rainy day” – you manifest a rainy day that uses up all of your savings.

Sometimes the message of this card is to buckle down and start managing your resources a little more carefully. Maybe the querant has been having lots of fun, and not saving. The universe might be sending the message that it is time to be a little more cautious with what you are given.

Other times, this card seems to say, “lighten up!” All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl. Play a little more. A little. Don’t go on a wild spending spree and blow it all. It’s good to be practical!

Listen to your intuition. This card might also be telling you that you’ve been too focused on the material for too long. It may be time to take a break and see how much you’ve actually accomplished.

Depending on the reading, the four of pentacles might not be talking about your finances at all! Maybe it is your health that you’ve been guarding over-cautiously. It may be time to stretch your wings a little more – go out in the world. Or stop obsessing about your weight or physical fitness.

The man in the card is wearing a red shirt. Red is the color of the root chakra, which is very much about stability and security. For most people, that sense of stability and security is directly tied to our physical and financial health. If you’ve had health problems for a long time, or if you’ve had little money, and you finally have some built up (health or wealth), one of two things is going to happen – you’ll spend it or save it. Either way, this card cautions against going to extremes.

He has green eyes, for jealously. If that is what stands out to you, perhaps the feeling of never having enough, or needing to keep up with the Jones’ has importance. The pentacle behind his head is like a halo, because he feels like he is winning the game. (And he might be if he would allow the flow!) Or maybe he feels that being thrifty is more godly. He is wearing socks, because he isn’t planning on going out to join the celebration. In fact, he’s not going anywhere any time soon.

Only you know what the right balance is for you, and whether this card indicates a rest before the next phase of growth, or that it’s time to stretch and grow because things have become stagnant.


Mary and Katana

Tarot Thursday: The Hermit

The Hermit is one of the Major Arcana cards, so it is talking about overarching themes or lessons in your life. The Hermit is the 9th card in the Fool’s Journey through the tarot.

Hermit tarot card Walks Within ArtLoveLightAs the name suggests, the Hermit card is often about spending some time alone, away from the influence of others. It can also signify a time of introspection, searching for something (usually answers).

I often find it means something of a “dark night of the soul”, and taking the time to deal with your own sh!t – all the skeletons in the closet and the shadows, the things that you’ve hidden away in the dark. The positive aspect to this card is that once you’ve done that, and come through the other side, you will have more light to shine.

Depending on where it falls and what your intuition tells you, this card could also mean that it’s time to leave your cave of isolation and get out in the world. Perhaps it’s time to share what you’ve learned through your trials and tribulations – there are people out there waiting to hear the message that you have to share with the world!

This card depicts an older man, dressed in grey and well-worn clothes. He’s been out of the world for quite some time. He’s wearing a red scarf. Red is the color of courage, as well as the root chakra. It takes a certain amount of courage to walk your own path and take your own advice. As the root chakra color, it signifies that he’s not as concerned about the material world – he trusts that his needs will be taken care of, and he can take care of himself.

The Hermit is walking out of a cave. A cave is a symbol of the unconscious, and also the womb. Emerging from a cave can symbolize a rebirth, the beginning of something new.

A cave can also be a hiding place for buried treasure or a dragon’s hoard. There can be amazing rewards for delving into the depths. It is not without risks, however. To get the dragon’s hoard you have to defeat (or outsmart!) the dragon.

The other thing that comes to mind with the cave is Plato’s allegory of the cave. True enlightenment comes from breaking free of the limitations of your own perceptions, expanding your mind and your awareness.

The Hermit has a walking stick that is illuminated at the tip. This shows that he is able to be his own light in dark times.

In the background of the card is a pyramid, a symbol of ascension and manifestation. They are strong and stable, able to withstand the tests of time.

The cat that accompanies the Hermit is a protector. Cats were thought to be guardians of the Underworld, with a knowledge and wisdom far beyond all appearances. They were considered sacred in Egypt.

Cats are curious and patient. It will take a genuine sense of curiosity to dive into your shadows, and patience to stick with the process until you come through the other side.

What do you see in the Hermit tarot card?


Mary and Katana

Tarot Thursday: 9 of Cups

The suit of cups is about your emotions, your relationships – both romantic and otherwise – and dreams and intuition. It is associated with the element of water, so it can also indicate the subconscious, or what lies underneath.

9 of Cups tarot card Walks Within ArtLoveLightWe’ve already looked at the 10 of cups. Remember that 10 is the fulfillment, so the 9 is what comes before. In this case, what comes before the happy family? It’s also similar energetically to the 3 of cups, which we haven’t looked at yet, amplified or multiplied by three. Except there’s only one person in this card.

I often read this card as joy, happiness, and living life to the fullest. It is about indulgence, and in its extreme aspect could be over-indulgence. Behind this card (in other words, aspects of life that have led to this point) is a certain degree of success and prosperity, because to truly live it up like the 9 of cups, you generally have to have the funds to back it up.

I kind of see this card as sowing your wild oats – partying hard in college or that first job before you decide to settle down to have a family (10 of cups). It could also be networking and schmoozing before you find the right business partner.

The 9 of cups can also be an indicator that your wishes are coming true – that what you have been dreaming of is about to come to fruition.

In this card, we see a figure pouring champagne or wine into an overflowing tower of nine wine glasses. Each layer overflows to the next, filling the cups below. The person pictured is happy! Is it a celebration of achievement, or a party just for the sake of a party? What does your intuition say?

There’s a lot of yellow in this card. We actually had to do several edits on this card, because I kept asking for more yellow! Yellow is the color of the solar plexus, or will, chakra. You can even see the symbol for the solar plexus chakra behind the bottle.

The solar plexus is about manifesting your desires, self-esteem, joy (think basking in the sun!), and the will to create change in your world. When it is healthy, you feel confident, satisfied with life, and happy. So it is an important factor for the 9 of cups.

From Katana:

I wanted the cups to be active and feel like the central point of a party (even though the image has only one figure). In some of the higher numbered suite cards, there are so many cups, swords, wands, or pentacles, that it can be hard to integrate them into the whole picture. The champagne tower is a perfect way to involve all the cups in the action.

The pentacle on the bottle is for abundance on the physical plane. The bottle seems to be empty but continues to pour. Even when the abundance appears to come to an end, it’s always there when you need it in the form of help, clarity, guidance, or resources.

The purple lights lend a rich, royal feeling. The stage lights make this card about performance, inviting the viewer to play. The sparkles are like wishes – the presence of the cosmic.

The Nine of Cups is traditionally a male card. The model here is androgynous and identifying with the active masculine principle. Every person has both masculine and feminine energies that operate in balance when they are in an optimal state.

Nine’s as a category are aristocratic, near completion, and global awareness. In my mental map they are magenta, which is reflected by the pink in the glasses.

Get some friends together, and celebrate!


Mary and Katana

Tarot Thursday: 3 of Wands

The suit of wands is about your passion, your creative expression, and how you act in the world. Causes that you feel strongly about and activism may also be represented by wands. Wands correspond with the element of fire – we often speak of “fiery passion” or being “fired up” with creativity.

3 of Wands Tarot Card Walks Within ArtLoveLightThrees are generally about initial success or progress towards a goal. The key phrase that comes to my mind with the three of wands is “ships coming in”.

The three of wands depicts a figure standing facing away from the “camera”, looking out to sea. There are three ships on the water, and three wands around the figure.

The big question is, are the ships coming in, or are they passing by? When this card comes up in a reading, I often see it signifying a need to be extra aware. A great opportunity to move forward towards your passion or creative expression is on its way (depending where the card falls in the reading, of course), and the seeker needs to be on the lookout for it. If you fall asleep on the job, and aren’t aware of the opportunity when it presents itself, it will pass you by.

The figure is standing on a cliff looking out over the water. Higher vantage points may provide a better view of the big picture, the broader vision. It also can signify a better chance of seeing that opportunity coming!

The ships and the water might also indicate an opportunity for travel. (See, that word opportunity just keeps showing up!)

The time of day in the card is early morning time or late evening, depending on your perspective – is this the beginning of a new adventure, or is it a payoff that has been a long time coming?

All three wands are glowing like tall matches and have the alchemical symbol for fire on the tip to remind us this is the active fire suit. You have to take action to get results! The wands are also budding (or will be!) to show that this is a time of growth.

The grass and her robe are deep green to show lush abundance and her sleeves are purple to show her ambition and connection to source. She’s holding a pendulum indicate she trusts her own guidance and the pentacle necklace to show its payday.