Woo hoo! I did it! … Now what?

Here we are. September 30th. The last day of my 30/60 blog and video challenge. And I did it! This is blog post #30, and my YouTube channel has 30 videos in my 30/60 playlist (you may not be able to see them all, as a few of them are unlisted, done specifically for my course).

I did it!After putting so much time and energy into this challenge, I find myself wondering how I am going to carry this momentum forward.

Writing a blog post every other day is too much for me to keep up with over the long term. It was all right for a sprint, but I don’t think I could keep up with a marathon. At the same time, going back to one blog post a week seems like a let down after all the creative flow I’ve had over the last two months.

I think a happy medium for me will be two blog posts a week. I will probably be incorporating video into my blog posts more as well. And since I kept the blog posts separate from the videos over the past two months, I may expand some of the videos into blog posts.

And, of course, I will be focusing more energy towards the Elements of Abundance program. I have to say, I was really hoping for that to be complete before I went back to work. And I remind myself that there are no unrealistic goals, only unrealistic timelines.

What did you think of this challenge? Is there anything you would like to see more of? Anything you expected to see or read about and didn’t? Please leave your comments below. All inspiration greatly appreciated!




So Much to Learn!

I don’t know about you, but I am a knowledge junkie. I love learning new things. I have quite a number of books that I haven’t yet read, bookmark files full of websites I want to spend more time on, and hours of audio and video trainings that would take me weeks to get through. Then, of course, there are all the books I have access to at the library.

Books and CDsIf I quit my job tomorrow, and didn’t have to worry about my children, it would probably take me several years to learn from all the resources I have just on my hard drive, not to mention implementing any of it.

There was a time not long ago that I would sign up for any list that offered something for free, whether I really needed it or not. I’m getting a lot better about choosing what I sign up for, and thereby download, though I still download somethings with no idea when I am going to listen to or read them.

What’s this information hoarding all about? Well, as I said, I value knowledge, and there are lots of things I want to learn more about, like marketing. So I download information about those topics I am interested in.

And then there is the psychology of “free”. If something is “Free!” most people (myself included at times) tend to take one, or several if it is a physical object, because you never know when you might need it. The problem with that is that mentality comes from beliefs about lack, instead of abundance. If I take something I don’t need right now, because I am uncertain if I may need it in the future, the underlying belief is that it won’t be available in the future.

And holding on to clutter or information I don’t need stores energy and takes up space that bigger and better things would otherwise be able to fill.

I think I have some work to do. There is some stored energy in my home and on my hard drive that needs to be released. It may be somewhat challenging for me, because that “what if” voice can be pretty loud. And, of course, there’s the fact that I would rather do (almost) anything than clean house. If better things and experiences are on their way to me though, I had better make room!

What about you? Do you hoard information? What can you move out of your life to make room for something better? Leave me a comment below. And you never know – something positive may come your way!



Making a Clean Sweep

I have a confession to make. I am a terrible housekeeper. It’s not that I don’t know how to clean, or how to keep my house clean. I even did the Fly Lady system for a while. I just can’t be bothered.

I hate cleaning my houseBefore you freak out, I don’t live in a pig sty. There’s no garbage laying around. Well, not much. I DO have three young boys! There’s some dirt (again, 3 boys), and clutter. I’ll admit to clutter.

Honestly, though, I can usually think of at least half a dozen (or half a million) things I would rather be doing than cleaning the house. To give myself a little credit, when I do clean, I do a thorough job.

Maybe that’s part of why I don’t want to get started. It’s kind of like the children’s book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

If I clean the counters, I’m going to want to clean the cupboards.
If I clean the cupboards, I’m going to want to sweep the kitchen floor.
If I sweep the kitchen floor, I’m going to want to sweep the rest of the house.
And then I’ll want to mop. The whole house.

It’s a good example of how a small shift in energy can lead to major changes. Last night (when I’m writing this, not when you are reading it) I brought some boxes and packing paper to a friend who is moving. Today, I looked at the space where the boxes had been, and decided to shift a couple of things around. When I moved the filing cabinet, I saw I needed to sweep and mop where it had been. And of course, once I cleaned that spot, it was very clear how dirty the rest of the floor was!

I didn’t go all out and clean the whole kitchen today, just the floors of the main living spaces. And I do like having clean floors to walk around on. Moving the boxes on to my girlfriend opened up the space energetically for me to do some other cleaning.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else opens up in my life now that some of that stuck energy has moved on. I don’t know how soon I’ll be cleaning house again, though!




Love is My Truth

I had an ‘aha’ moment in meditation a few days ago. Quite a while ago, I read The Anatomy of the Spirit by Carolyn Myss. In it, she connects the seven Hindu chakras to the seven Christian Sacraments and the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life. At the end of the book, she provides a meditation to connect with each chakra, and an affirmation for each.  I added the affirmations to my daily meditation practice, taking time to check in with each chakra and notice any energetic shifts.

Most of the affirmations I easily connect with and resonate with. I have my own thoughts and interpretations about many of them. One that has stumped me, or rather, one that I have not had any extra insight into, is the affirmation for the third eye chakra, “Seek only truth.”

Love is my truthOn the surface, that’s pretty easy. Look for truth. OK. While there are some universal truths, each individual’s truth is relative. I see and interpret the world around me through the filters of my experience, and my filters are not the same as anyone else’s. So my truth is not necessarily the same as yours. Do I seek universal truths? Even so, you may not agree with me on what those are.

Skip back even farther in my reading history, to The Biology of Transcendence by Joseph Chilton Pearce. This book talks partly about the heart-mind connection, that our hearts have neurons, and that the electromagnetic field of the heart is many times stronger than that of the brain. Pearce theorizes that Jesus, and other spiritual masters, were an example of our next stage of evolution, a preview of what we can become, and it has to do with activating the frontal lobe, possibly by connecting the frontal lobe to the heart field. I always thought about it in terms of moving my thinking out of my head and into my heart.

I am not a scientist, or a doctor, so in my mind, I work to connect the third eye chakra to the heart chakra. I can visualize that, and conceptually I can understand that.

Carolyn Myss’s affirmation for the heart chakra is “Love is Divine power.” When I am connecting with my heart chakra, I open my heart to the world with love.

The ‘aha’ moment came for me when I put Carolyn Myss’s affirmations together with Joseph Chilton Pearce’s theory. If I am going to connect my frontal lobe (third eye chakra) with my heart field (heart chakra), then the way to do that is with the energy of love. If I am to “Seek only truth,” my truth is love. Therefore, I need only seek to see love energy in others to seek truth. Instead of just moving my head to my heart, I also need to bring my heart to my head.

If you’ve ever had an ‘aha’ moment of great realization, you understand the rush of energy and excitement that goes with it. Even now, just writing about it, I’m getting tingles. Love is my truth.

What ‘aha’ moments have you had that changed your thinking or your way of being in the world?



What Kind of Outcome Are You Anticipating?

I’m reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho right now. I’ve read several of his other books, and I have really enjoyed them. Yesterday, after posting about sabotaging my own success, I read this passage in  the book:

…before a dream is realized, the Soul of the World tests everything that was learned along the way. It does this not because it is evil, but so that we can, in addition to realizing our dreams, master the lessons we’ve learned as we’ve moved toward that dream. That’s the point at which most people give up. It’s the point at which, as we say in the language of the desert, one ‘dies of thirst just when the palm trees have appeared on the horizon.’

Every search begins with beginner’s luck. And every search ends with the victor’s being severely tested.

The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

This really struck a chord with me. Are the struggles and challenges I am facing right now testing me to see how well I have learned my lessons? Are they testing me to see if I am really committed to my goals?

I’ve been saying for a couple of years that change is coming. More recently, in the last few months, I’ve begun saying that change is happening. I truly feel that this change is for the good, it is a positive change for me.

I don’t know that I could identify exactly what the change is right now. It is often only when something has completed that I can look back and say, “Yes, that is what happened.” While it is occurring, I can’t necessarily read all the signs and symbols clearly because I am in the midst of them.

I am grateful for all the challenges I have faced in my life, recently and in the more distant past. Each “negative” experience has helped me to have compassion for other people’s experiences, and to appreciate even more the blessings that I have been given.

Steppin Out On FaithI feel I am on the cusp of change – balancing on one foot with the other out in front of me. I don’t know exactly where my foot is going to land, or what will rise up to support me. I can’t see that from here. I am calm and nervous, confident and anxious, not sure whether I will fall or fly.

I am filled at this moment with gratitude, and a sense of expectancy. I expect good things to come to me. What we anticipate, we create. So I am anticipating good things coming to me!

Are you feeling challenged and tested? What are you anticipating?



Do You Sabotage Your Success?

This post marks 25 out of my 30 blog posts in 60 days. As of right now, I’ve published 19 out of 30 videos, and there are still 10 days left in the month. I had a pretty good momentum going, up until a few days ago. I just about sabotaged my own success.

I recognize all the symptoms. I’ve seen them before. I can see the finish line. It’s not really that far ahead. But the last stretch is often the hardest, and the temptation to give up is strong. Since I can see the finish line, my mind starts telling me that I don’t HAVE to finish, because I know I COULD finish. Just knowing I COULD do it is enough, right?

Regret Giving UpWRONG!

Those who succeed go all the way through the finish line. They don’t give up right before the end.

This feeling often comes up for me when life gets a little challenging, and its not necessarily easy to keep my commitment. It’s hard, or overwhelming, so part of me wants to give up. One of the most memorable incidents for me was my last semester of University. I was taking three of the most difficult and work intensive classes of my degree all at the same time so I wouldn’t have to stay an extra year in school. I was also getting married and planning to move to a different country. I wanted to go hide in a hole, to become a hermit, to run off with my fiancee and not look back. I had made it this far, I had done really well in school, and I knew I had what it took to graduate with my degree. I didn’t really need to torture myself by doing all this work, did I?

Of course I did. Because if I had quit that close to the end, I would never have forgiven myself. And I’m feeling a bit like that now. I’m stressed, I’m a bit overwhelmed, and the thought of writing 5 more posts and creating 10 more videos in the next 10 days is a little daunting. And there’s not even a prize or certificate at the end! So why am I doing this again?

Because I made a commitment. I said I would do it. I took up the challenge. And I would regret it if I gave up now, this close to the end. I would be sending a message to myself and to the Universe that I do not keep my word. And that is something that is VERY important to me. So I’m sticking it out, I’m going the distance. It may not be easy, but I am going to go THROUGH the finish line. I refuse to sabotage my success by quitting.

What are you working on right now that is not coming easy for you? What are you considering giving up on? Take my hand, and let’s go through the finish line together.



My Babies are Growing Up!

As a mother, a priestess, and a life coach, one of my greatest joys is to see my children, students, and clients grow into new levels of awareness.

My oldest son turned 13 this summer. He’s had some challenges with being bullied at school, and has moved through several different distance education programs over the last few years. Last spring he decided he would go back into the public schools this fall.

We chose a school across town where he knows a few people who attend, and also where the bullies from his old school will NOT be attending. Of the people he knows at the new school, two were girls he played with a lot when he was younger. Our families used to be very close, and spend lots of time together. Then, the other mom and I had a falling out, and unfortunately, the children weren’t able to play together any more.

He was really looking forward to seeing them again, since they had been so close in childhood. He even had lunch with them a few times last week. Then, the girls’ mom phoned us – her daughter was coming home in tears because she was being teased about my son having a crush on her.

I’m really proud of my son. As soon as he heard she was being teased, he immediately, and on his own with no prompting, said he would stay away from her. Because he knows what it feels like to be teased and come home in tears. Even after just reconnecting with someone he was really looking forward to seeing again, he chose to back off, so that she could have more peace. Wow.

Tomorrow morning, the first of my students elevates in our church. She’s been a student of mine for three years, and it is so exciting for me to see her efforts acknowledged in this way. She is a kind, gentle, helping soul, and I have looked on her more as an equal than as a student for quite some time. She battled her way through major health challenges with grace and an extremely positive attitude – I’m not sure I could have handled it as well as she did.

blooming plantI don’t take any credit for the growth of my children, or my students. I didn’t make them grow. All I did was hold the space, and water the seeds now and again. I am honored to be a witness to their successes.

It is the same with my coaching clients. I hold the space for your growth, and ask questions to water the seeds you plant. I will also be there to witness and celebrate you as you bloom. If you are interested in seeing how life coaching can help you accelerate your growth, contact me today.



What is Your Default Mode of Action?

Sitting here today thinking that I need to work on my course, and not knowing what to write, I found myself falling into my default mode of action – research. Do you know what your default mode of action is?

Test, test, test!I don’t know about you, but I remember being subjected to quite a number of tests when I was in high school: tests that measured my knowledge (I was a very good student), tests that measured my personality (in Meyers-Briggs terminology I am an INFP), tests that measured my critical thinking skills, and tests that predicted what kind of job I would be best suited for (nursing, counseling or teaching – funny that I am now a priestess). I’ve since taken many other types of personality tests. I was never tested for my instinctive method of operation back then. No, that came a few years ago, after my husband attended a course.

I don’t even remember what course it was, to be honest. I just remember him coming back and saying, “Honey, you need to take this test. It’s really interesting. And I’m curious what your profile is.” Or something to that effect.

So I went online and took the Kolbe A test. All those tests I took back in high school measured my cognitive and affective abilities. If you’re shaking your head saying, “Huh?” like I was, there are apparently three different parts of the brain. The cognitive area controls your thinking, including things like your IQ, skills, knowledge and education. The affective area controls your emotions, including desires, attitudes, motivation and values. Most personality or other profiling tests measure one (or both) of these areas of brain function.

The third part of your brain function controls conative abilities, or your way of doing things, including your drives, instincts, and talents. Almost no tests measure this, because these instincts by themselves are not measurable. However, the observable acts derived from them can be identified and quantified by the Kolbe A Index.

These instinct-driven behaviors are represented in the four Kolbe Action Modes:

Fact Finder – the instinctive way we gather and share information.

Follow Thru – the instinctive way we arrange and design.

Quick Start – the instinctive way we deal with risk and uncertainty.

Implementor – the instinctive way we handle space and tangibles.

~ Four Action Modes, Kolbe website

We all express each of these action modes at some time, though typically one or two are stronger than others. For me, my strongest is the Fact Finder. When I am stuck, I tend to research and learn all I can in order to make an informed decision. My husband’s strongest mode is Quick Start. He jumps in and takes action right away.

 If you are curious, go take the test for yourself! I don’t earn any commission from it, and it’s another interesting way to learn more about yourself.



Conspiracy Theories Abound

Eleven years ago planes crashed into the World Trade Center in New York. I remember getting up and turning on the TV (yes, I still had TV back then) so my then only child could watch cartoons, only there was news on all 3 channels. My biggest concern when I realized the ramifications of what had happened was whether or not the flights we had booked for a week later to visit my family were still going to go.

Yes, we did make it out of Canada and into the US. Our flight was the first international flight out of Vancouver that was NOT one of the redirected flights. It was amazing to me the amount of patriotism – the HUGE flags and the window paintings – all over when we landed in Minneapolis.

My mom had a small paper US flag on her dash, and while we were waiting to pick my dad up from work, she gave it to my 2 year old to play with. She asked him if he knew what it was.

USA and Canada Flags“A flag.” he responded.

“Yes, but what kind of a flag is it?” Grandma asked.

“A Candada (Canada, in 2 year old speak) flag.” my son answered.

“No….” said Grandma.

“But it will be when it grows up!” replied the eager young boy.

We still laugh about that story. And as the memorials flood Facebook, I wonder whether or not either of our countries have grown up yet.

Whether you believe that terrorist planes crashing into the towers caused them to explode, or whether you believe that the government strategically placed bombs in the towers to assist said planes as many theorists proclaim, a tragedy occurred that day eleven years ago. The tragedy is still occurring, as our governments use increasing fear of terrorism to control us.

I truly feel sadness and compassion for those people who lost loved ones in the destruction. And I feel anger that the media drags that day out any time that they want to defend wars in the Middle East or the latest infringement on freedom under the auspices of Homeland Security.

I don’t consider myself much of an activist. I don’t have any recommendations for what you should do to remedy the situation. I only ask that you be aware. Be aware of what you are trading for the so-called sense of security. In the words of Benjamin Franklin:

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Be free,


Do Your Choices Empower You?

I had an interesting discussion with someone this week about whether or not we choose the experiences we have in our lives. WARNING – ABUSE TRIGGER.

Spiritual ContractsBoth of us were abused in some way when we were younger, though she much more than I. Through my readings of people like Sylvia Brown and some work I’ve done with Akashic Record clearing, I have come to believe that we choose the experiences we are going to have before we are born. I describe it like a huge buffet table of experiences – “I’ll take a little of this, a bit of that, and a big helping of that!”And yes, we even choose the ‘negative’ experiences.

There is a popular philosophy among people who explore spirituality. . .that describes a spiritual contract we enter into when we begin our various incarnations. In that contract we agree to accept and experience everything which will happen to us in our lives.

~Greg Gourdian, from theinnerseed.com

The way I see it, from our soul’s perspective, there is no good or bad, there is only experience. My soul knows this incarnation is temporary, and something that may have a profound effect on my experience of this life has a much smaller effect on the experience of my soul. Knowing that I would not be truly able to know what joy was without experiencing some sadness, my soul chose to experience a wide range of things, even though I may not necessarily enjoy the experience.

For my friend, saying that she chose her abuse experience on some level was very triggering for her. It implied that she “asked for it”, that it was somehow her own fault that she was abused. When she explained this to me, I felt horrible! That was not the message I wanted to give at all!

I don’t like the idea of experiences randomly thrown at me by some impartial Fate. For me, the idea that I chose my experiences is empowering. I chose what lessons I was going to go through. I may not have chosen exactly all the details, and yet I still chose the experiences. I still have free will and choice in how I respond to the experiences that I am given.

By taking responsibility for the choices I believe I made before I came to this life, I also have the power to choose how I respond. And if I take the time to respond rather than react, chances are better that I will experience more joy and less sorrow.

Taking the abuse as an example, as a child, I did not ask to be molested. As a soul I may have chosen to experience abuse so I could later be better able to have compassion for others who were abused. Or I may have chosen to understand the importance of learning to say NO! from a place of power. As a teen, I did not ask to be emotionally and verbally abused by my boyfriend. As a soul, I may have chosen to experience an unhealthy relationship so I could better recognize a positive relationship later in my life. Or I may have chosen to learn how to set better boundaries to keep myself safe.

I am grateful to my friend for helping me get clearer about my beliefs around choosing my experiences. I am also grateful to her for raising my awareness that this idea could trigger some people’s negative experiences. And, if she’s reading this, I am very sorry our conversation triggered you in that way.

Have you been abused by anyone? How does the idea that you chose your experiences sit with you? Please share your comments below!