Lakshmi: Goddess of Abundance

As I’ve been contemplating which Goddess I would like to work with next, one has been right in front of me, and making herself known more and more. She’s been with me for quite a while. I’m not quite sure why I didn’t think of working with her more closely.

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of abundance and prosperity. I’ve had an image of her on my wall ever since a good friend of mine gave it to me many years ago (thank you, Harmony!). She has quietly looked over my home, her gentle presence smiling at me and my family.

I have said her mantra often over the years, opening myself up to her abundance. The mantra is Om Gum Shreem Lakshmi Yei Namaha. I even made a mala for myself to connect with that energy. Recently, I picked up a small statue of Lakshmi that I set up when I am at markets. I even wrote a meditation about her that I will be posting soon!

With all of that, I actually know very little about Lakshmi. For research, it is important to me to look at Hindu sources (or websites that draw from Hindu sources). If I’m going to build a relationship with this Goddess, I don’t want to white wash Her.

I know she is a consort of Vishnu, and another name for her is Shri (or Sri). She is considered by some to be an aspect of the great mother goddess, along with Saraswati and Kali or Durga. She is honored especially at Diwali.

This only scratches the surface. I am honestly going to have to do more research, and spend time connecting with her. So that is the task I set for myself – to get to know her, her likes and dislikes, and what offerings she prefers. I’ll let you know what I learn.



4 Responses

  1. I really enjoyed this post!
    I have felt really called to Sri Lakshmi this past to the point I bought a small statue of her and she sits on my dresser among my shinies (it’s said she does so love jewlery), and an icon of her, her co-consort Ganesha and Sarasvati.
    I have really wanted to connect with her more and work with her!
    I look forward to your meditation with her (I love your guided meditations!) and any other information you post about her.

  2. I love Lakshmi! Her energy feels fabulous. In working with her, I’ve found she doesn’t want to be called on just for monetary abundance work. She wants to be embraced in all aspects of our lives. A teacher of mine described how she knew she was in Lakshmi’s energy when strangers would hold the door open for her. I know I’m in her energy when strangers offer random smiles or a free soda/coffee, etc. It’s the little things that show you’re in her flow.

    I just discovered she has a shadow side called Alakshmi. I had no idea! I plan to work on integrating my concept of Lakshmi with her shadow. I suspect her shadow side is where I’ll find my own obstacles to my personal abundance.

  3. Alakshmi – I will also look into that! And you’re right, I definitely don’t want to call on her to ask for things. I want to honor her!

  4. Thanks, Tomi! I love my little statue of her. I also have been obsessed with the Sri Yantra, which apparently is also one of her symbols.