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Being and Doing

A good friend and mentor of mine reminded me lately that I am a human BE-ing, not a human DO-ing. She’s told me this in the past, too, as a reminder to slow down, and not be so busy all the time.

being and doingIt’s been going through my mind more recently than in the past, maybe because I’ve been super busy (and the schedule doesn’t seem to be getting any lighter in the near future).

It occurred to me that part of my do-ing is tied to my be-ing. I AM a priestess. I can’t stop being a priestess. I have responsibilities as a priestess, which include ritual, and ministering to people in my community.

Ministry is a HUGE job. Listening to challenges, visiting people, helping out wherever they can, providing emotional support, teaching the spiritual path, being an example of living that spiritual path… That’s why pastors and ministers in the larger faiths don’t usually hold other jobs.

My congregation may not be as big as those of larger faiths. I still do a lot in that role as minister. Which means I be a lot.

One of my greatest joys is being in service to my community. I feel like I am making a difference. Yes, it’s a lot of work and yes, there are times that I just want to hide away. That doesn’t mean I want to stop.

So yes, it is healthy for me to slow down, take breaks, and make time for myself. I appreciate that reminder from my friend. And, I’ll keep doing much of what I do, because it is meaningful and in alignment with my being.



My One Addiction

I am an addict. It hurts to admit it.

Sugar Candy BowlsMy grandmother was a chemical dependency counselor – an addiction social worker. She went to AA and Al-Anon meetings. My grandfather was a recovering alcoholic. I don’t remember him when he was drinking. He (thankfully) was sober by the time I remember him. He even went back to school and became an addictions counselor himself.

Growing up, I was very aware of my family’s predisposition to addiction. And if any astrological sign is likely to be an addict, it’s mine – Pisces the escapist.

Because of how I was raised, I’m not a smoker. I’ve never done drugs. (Well, almost never. I did have that one special cookie…) I never acquired a taste for alcohol. I can take or leave caffeine. And yet, I’ve still managed to become addicted. To sugar.

I’ve managed to give it up, briefly. During my Whole30, I went a little over a month without it. And at times in the past, I’ve cut it down significantly.

The last couple of months, though, I’ve been binging. Each day, I tell myself I’ll cut back. Or stop. And each day, I have some. Sometimes more than others.

I know how bad it is for me. It’s terrible for my liver. It packs on the pounds. There’s a history of diabetes in my family.

I know how bad I feel when I eat it. It makes me feel gross. I don’t sleep as well. I feel lethargic and tired.

And I still can’t stop myself. I tell myself that as addictions go, it’s not that bad. It could be a lot worse. And it could. That doesn’t make it good.

Telling myself I’m going to quit obviously hasn’t worked for me. So I’m telling you. All of you. I’m probably not going to quit. I AM going to cut back. Tomorrow. 😉



Graduation Time – Almost

Here in BC, school is not yet out. There are a couple more weeks, mostly of field trips and celebrations for the kids. And part of those celebrations include graduation.

Alex and Henry AbGradMy eldest graduates from high school in two weeks. My middle son moves up from middle school to high school, and my youngest is moving from elementary to middle school. How did that happen? Where did the time go?

Last week was all about the graduation celebrations. I went to an Aboriginal graduation ceremony for the oldest on Wednesday. Though I personally don’t have native ancestry, my husband does, and so my boys do as well. It was amazing to be part of the ceremony in the Big House, with the dancers honoring the grads. It was also a very long ceremony, with lots of speeches! My son was presented with a Metis sash and a cedar headband.

Marcus GradOn Thursday, the elementary school held a lunch and ceremony to recognize the students moving on to middle school. We went out to lunch at the Driftwood Restaurant, a local (and tasty!) Chinese buffet. The students behaved themselves quite well, actually, though it did get pretty noisy! After the lunch, we headed back to the school for a “graduation” assembly. The students all gave short speeches about their memories of the school, where they see themselves in 20 years, and who their role-models are.

I was really grateful that I was able to go. It made my son’s day for me to be there with him. Because of my work schedule, I’m not able to help out with his class, or attend a lot of events at the school. When my middle son was moving from elementary to middle school, the teachers were on strike. Some of the parents still went for lunch with their kids, however, I was not able to go. This is my last child in elementary. So it was especially poignant for me to be able to be there.

Thursday evening was bursary and scholarship presentations for the oldest. He received a bursary from the local festival of film. We’re still working on the deposit for the film school he’s been accepted into (if you can help out with that, we’ve set up a YouCaring drive here).

I’m not as emotional about it all as I thought I would be, though maybe that is because there’s still time. Actual graduation is still two weeks out, when family will be here, and his girlfriend, and so it’s not quite real. We’ll see how I manage when he actually moves on.



A Weekend of Library and Film

I had a very busy weekend, as usual. I didn’t get to sleep in, but I still managed to have a refreshing weekend.

Saturday morning started with North Island College’s Living Library as part of the Elevate the Arts celebration. I had the privilege of being one of the human “books”. The “Living Library is an event that brings together people who may not normally have an opportunity to have a one-on-one discussion, with the purpose of increasing awareness of diversity and fostering empathy and acceptance in our community. During the event, Readers ‘check out’ Books for 15 minutes at a time in order to hear their story and ask questions.” (from the NIC website).

I got to meet a lot of people, and share about Wicca, and my journey. And I received the gift of hearing some of their stories. It was an incredibly rewarding experience. The one thing I was disappointed about is that I didn’t have an opportunity to check out any of the other Books and hear their stories.

However, I did get to reconnect with a friend that I haven’t seen in years. After the event was over, we sat and had lunch together and caught up with each other. It was so refreshing, and energizing.

And THEN, I met another group of strong, amazing women, and we saw the new Wonder Woman movie together. Wow. I loved it. Themyscira was gorgeous (Can I live there?). And let’s face it, Gal Gadot is gorgeous. The Amazons are gorgeous. And Robin Wright is badass. (I didn’t even recognize her.)

There are many good quotes from the movie, which you can find on many websites. The one that hit me the hardest, though, was by the character Sameer. Unfortunately, I can’t find the exact quote online anywhere. What I remember is something like this:

We can’t always be what we want. I didn’t want to be a soldier. I wanted to be an actor. I’ve always loved acting. But I’m the wrong color.

The diversity in the film was wonderful. Still primarily white, though there was a lot more representation than I have seen in many other films.

Sunday was Market day, and writing. The usual.

Even though Saturday was jam-packed, I thoroughly enjoyed it. How was your weekend?