What’s with this cold???

I’m pretty healthy. I get the occasional cold or sinus infection, and I usually recover within a few days. At worst, one day of rest gets me over the hump and back in the game.

honey,garlic and lemon as natural medicineI have a variety of natural remedies that I turn to when I feel an illness coming on – extra vitamins C & D and garlic in honey is my first line of defense. For sinus issues, salt water rinse with the neti pot. I’ve also used oregano oil, echinacea, grapefruit seed extract, and Nin Jom. And, of course, water or tea with lemon and honey, maybe some ginger, and extra rest. I’ve used frequencies, and received Reiki and energy from friends.

So when I started feeling the tickle in my throat just over a week ago, I started my get well regime. I didn’t have any plans for the weekend, so I took it easy and rested lots. By Sunday, I was feeling better, and thought I was past the worst.

Then came Monday, and I wasn’t feeling so hot. I redoubled my efforts.

Tuesday I started feeling a twinge in my ear.

By Wednesday, I had to leave work early, I was feeling so miserable. I stopped at the health food store to call in the cavalry.

Thursday I went to the walk in clinic. I gave in and got the antibiotics I was hoping to avoid. And some probiotics. I didn’t stop with the neti pot, or the garlic.

It’s now Monday again, and I’m more than half-way through the antibiotics. I was really expecting to feel better by now. My ear doesn’t hurt any longer, at least not as much. I even tried the junk food cure. Dr. Pepper was once a medicinal drink, right?

Being a person who takes responsibility for the circumstances in my life, I’ve also contemplated the metaphysical, and even natural consequences, causes for this illness.

Physical cause – I put a lot of energy into Spring Mysteries Festival, and now that it is over, my body is ‘safe’ to break down. If that were the only cause, the weekend of rest, and then the day and a half off work, combined with all the early bedtimes and copious amounts of water I’ve been drinking, ought to have brought me through to the healing side.

Metaphysical causes –

Ears: feeling no one is listening to me or not wanting to listen to others I maybe experienced a little of that at Festival, but it was brief.

Sinuses: trying to call the shots in someone else’s life or being irritated by a person close to me I’ve been nagging my eldest about post-secondary…?

Throat: swallowed emotional hurts or feeling like I’m not able to express myself I feel this applies to me more in my past than in my present, and not even my recent past.

I’m still meditating on this, and working on sifting through to find the cause. None of these hits me with the ring of truth. Sure, I could be in denial, or maybe I just haven’t become aware of the right angle yet.

I’ve been feeling a very strong call (push, really) lately to access more of my alternate senses and psychic abilities. Perhaps the not listening to others and inability to express is tied into that. Stay tuned – I’ll explore that more next week.



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