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It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. How have you been?

Me? I’ve been busy – probably TOO busy – though that’s not unusual for me.

Market timeI’ve been tired. And I’ve felt like I have nothing to write about. Nothing of interest, though there’s been plenty happening. It’s not even that there’s been nothing to write about. I just haven’t been inspired to write. Writing has felt like more of a chore than usual.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been journalling. Do I have a weekly word limit? It doesn’t matter.

Here’s a quick summary of the past few weeks:

  • I traveled to Schenectady, NY, for a conference for work. I got to see some live theater, meet some amazing people, spend time with a friend I rarely get to see, and learn more about the software program I use all the time at work.
  • Markets! It’s May, so the Pier Street Market is back on Sundays. I’ve been doing a lot of tarot reading lately – from a spirit and wellness fair, to the Market, to a bachelorette party, to a fundraiser for Pagan Pride Day. I’ve been working at consciously connecting with my guides more in my readings. It’s definitely a work in progress, and more effective some times than others.
  • My eldest child is graduating high school, and my family is coming out for a visit. I’m very excited for that!
  • We had an estate sale for a friend who passed last fall. My husband has been the one who was really coordinating that.
  • And then there’s the usual stuff – work, family, teaching, ritual…

With all of that, the blog has fallen lower on my priority list. I could say I would try to be better about writing regularly, and that wouldn’t be entirely honest. So I’ll just say that I will catch it as I can, and as I feel inspired.



Psychic Powers and Spaceships

Last week I was talking about the metaphysical cause of the illness that plagued me for about two weeks. Warning, I’m about to get a bit woo-woo here.

Psychic AbilitiesYou know that I connect with and talk to different deities, especially Goddesses. I also connect with and talk to my spirit guides. My guides have changed over the years. I started with a good friend who passed away just as I moved to the Island. She was the bridge to help me get comfortable with “talking” to spirits (as in guides, not ghosts). Once I was comfortable with her, she handed me off to my first guide.

Over the years, as I became more comfortable, learned what I needed to from that guide, and stepped up my vibration (at least that’s what I like to think), I would get passed on to another guide. Currently, my main personal guide is Sofia. I think I’ve been through two or three before now.

While I was working with Hekate leading up to Spring Mysteries Festival, I started doing an exercise I read in my research. The book said it was for balancing your energy. I found it connected me with my guides better, and my intuition.

Just before Spring Mysteries, a new group of guides introduced themselves to me, calling themselves The Seven. I’m really skeptical when new energies come at me. I don’t want any attachments or negative entities connecting with me. So I questioned them a lot.

Around this time, though, or just before, I really started to feel like it was time I develop my psychic abilities more. Open up, and allow the information to flow. After Spring Mysteries, that feeling intensified. It wasn’t a call anymore. It was a push.

I read in a book about a man who used Robert Heinlein’s Lost Legacy as a guide. So I tracked that down, hoping for exercises. No luck. It did guide me to looking at an article by Mark Twain (which I honestly have yet to read).

And then my guides told me to re-read the book Opening to Channel, and to read The Pleiadian Workbook. I’m not a terribly fast reader, so I’ve only just started.

I have to say, I’m a bit skeptical about The Pleiadian Workbook so far. She talks about seeing spacecraft when she was a child.

I’m not sure what to believe about spaceships, and beings from space. On the one hand, I love science fiction – especially movies and television. On the other hand, I had a phobia of being abducted by aliens for a very long time. So this whole idea of guides actually being extra-terrestrials… I don’t know.

What do you think? Are guides beings from other planets? Or just other dimensions? Is there a difference? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

And if you are interested in connecting with your guides, try Meeting Your Spirit Guide. It’s based on an exercise from Opening to Channel.



Full disclosure – if you purchase any of these books from the above links, I will receive a small commission.

What’s with this cold???

I’m pretty healthy. I get the occasional cold or sinus infection, and I usually recover within a few days. At worst, one day of rest gets me over the hump and back in the game.

honey,garlic and lemon as natural medicineI have a variety of natural remedies that I turn to when I feel an illness coming on – extra vitamins C & D and garlic in honey is my first line of defense. For sinus issues, salt water rinse with the neti pot. I’ve also used oregano oil, echinacea, grapefruit seed extract, and Nin Jom. And, of course, water or tea with lemon and honey, maybe some ginger, and extra rest. I’ve used frequencies, and received Reiki and energy from friends.

So when I started feeling the tickle in my throat just over a week ago, I started my get well regime. I didn’t have any plans for the weekend, so I took it easy and rested lots. By Sunday, I was feeling better, and thought I was past the worst.

Then came Monday, and I wasn’t feeling so hot. I redoubled my efforts.

Tuesday I started feeling a twinge in my ear.

By Wednesday, I had to leave work early, I was feeling so miserable. I stopped at the health food store to call in the cavalry.

Thursday I went to the walk in clinic. I gave in and got the antibiotics I was hoping to avoid. And some probiotics. I didn’t stop with the neti pot, or the garlic.

It’s now Monday again, and I’m more than half-way through the antibiotics. I was really expecting to feel better by now. My ear doesn’t hurt any longer, at least not as much. I even tried the junk food cure. Dr. Pepper was once a medicinal drink, right?

Being a person who takes responsibility for the circumstances in my life, I’ve also contemplated the metaphysical, and even natural consequences, causes for this illness.

Physical cause – I put a lot of energy into Spring Mysteries Festival, and now that it is over, my body is ‘safe’ to break down. If that were the only cause, the weekend of rest, and then the day and a half off work, combined with all the early bedtimes and copious amounts of water I’ve been drinking, ought to have brought me through to the healing side.

Metaphysical causes –

Ears: feeling no one is listening to me or not wanting to listen to others I maybe experienced a little of that at Festival, but it was brief.

Sinuses: trying to call the shots in someone else’s life or being irritated by a person close to me I’ve been nagging my eldest about post-secondary…?

Throat: swallowed emotional hurts or feeling like I’m not able to express myself I feel this applies to me more in my past than in my present, and not even my recent past.

I’m still meditating on this, and working on sifting through to find the cause. None of these hits me with the ring of truth. Sure, I could be in denial, or maybe I just haven’t become aware of the right angle yet.

I’ve been feeling a very strong call (push, really) lately to access more of my alternate senses and psychic abilities. Perhaps the not listening to others and inability to express is tied into that. Stay tuned – I’ll explore that more next week.