A Mother’s Worst Nightmare

Last week, one of my children was missing. Overnight. It was one of my worst nights ever.

Missing Child FoundIt is extremely difficult to remain calm when a child is not where he is supposed to be. It’s a little easier when said child is 17, and nearly an adult, but not much.

On Wednesday last week, I was working late, and my eldest son was also at work, right next door. We were going to travel home together when I finished work.

My husband came to pick me up, and asked if I had seen the tallest boy. He hadn’t checked in with me, which he is usually very good about doing. Husband checked in with son’s work, and didn’t see him anywhere. I finished things up, and we had a look outside. Son was nowhere to be found.

At this point, I was a little worried, but not much. Son had put some things in our vehicle to be dropped off with one of his friends, so we went to that friend’s house. Maybe he went there.

Friend’s mom and dad were out in front of the house, talking with someone. They had not seen our son. We dropped off the stuff, and thought, well, maybe son took the bus home. I also texted that friend, to see if he had heard from our son.

There was no response from the friend. I texted my son, though he can only respond when he has a wifi connection. No response.

I did my best to keep my cool. He’s 17 years old. He is smart, he is strong, he is capable, and most of all, I trust him. And he’s usually very good at letting us know where he is, so this is out-of-the-ordinary.

We get ourselves some food, and I call more of his friends. No one has heard from him. It’s getting harder to stay calm. I stay up later than I ought to, trying to write a blog post and watching Netflix and really not giving either of them my attention.

We don’t have friend #1’s home phone number, and neither do any of the other friends. I reach out on Facebook to son and a couple of friends. No reply from son, and no friends have heard from him.

Husband figures he is with friend #1, and the cell phone battery is dead. That’s really my hope, too.

Son’s bank account is connected with mine, so I can see that he has used his debit card somewhere, but since it is after banking hours, I can’t see where. I do my best to reassure myself that he is smart, he is strong, he is capable, and most of all, I trust him. He is safe.

Every car that drives by I wonder if it is him being dropped off.

I finally go to bed, hoping he will come home, or contact us. When I wake up in the morning, after a pretty crappy night’s sleep. His bed is empty. My whole body feels heavy.

I get ready for work, and husband drives me in so he can go look for son. Other friends and their parents have offered to help look for him as well.

Sure enough, son is safe and sound at friend #1’s house. He’s been there all night. He had met friend while he was out walking the dog, and had joined him on the walk, which is why we missed him when we had checked the night before.

We now have friend’s home phone number, mom’s cell phone AND dad’s cell phone. And a promise from son to be better about letting us know where he is. As much because he doesn’t want to get in trouble with his friends and their parents again!

I’m so grateful my story had a happy ending. My heart breaks for all the parents who have lost their children.



3 Responses

  1. *hugs* I’d be losing my mind. I’m so glad he was found safe and sound!

  2. Mary, a situation similar to this one happened to me years ago with my then teenage daughter. I was frantic! I am so glad that everything turned out fine…..big hugs to you!

  3. Thank you both!