I’m Back… Almost…

It’s been a frustrating week deep in the depths of WordPress and hosting options. I’ve got my site mostly moved, however, not everything transferred correctly.

For example, I have to completely reset my shopping cart. sigh That got fixed! Hooray!

It all takes time. So much time! That precious resource that vanishes all too quickly.

I’m keeping this short, because I still have much work to do. And hopefully I will be able to get this all resolved within the next week. And then we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming!

UPDATE 11:34 pm: After spending several hours on the phone with GoDaddy, I think I may almost have things back to normal. Almost. I’m still finding little errors. Like not being able to upload the photo after rolling the site back. We’re closer than before, though!

uploadingUPDATE May 19: I fixed the thing! Look! A picture that I uploaded!



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