Tarot Thursday: 8 of Swords

First off, I apologize for missing my Monday posts the last two weeks. I haven’t been feeling very well, and so I’ve been resting. I hope to be back to regularly scheduled programming this week!

8 of swords tarot card Walks Within ArtLoveLightThe suit of swords is about your thoughts, your ideas, and how you communicate. We often find conflict in the swords because our words tend to get us into trouble! So we see a lot of storm clouds in the swords, as a reflection of this conflict, either in the inner world or the outer world.

The 8 of swords depicts a man tied up and blindfolded, and backed into a corner or cage made by the swords. The most interesting thing I see in this card is that the way in front of him is clear, but he can’t see it because of the blindfold.

To me, this card is about being stuck in a trap of your own making, a bad tape loop in your thoughts. You know when you have a tough decision to make, and none of the choices seem particularly good, and so you get stuck in the choice? So you keep going around and around the options, and feeling trapped. That’s the 8 of swords.

Sometimes the stuck feeling comes from what society tells you is right, and what you feel internally is right. Being at odds with your community is not a fun feeling.

The man is blindfolded. That means there is something the querant is not seeing. There’s another perspective out there that will remove the blinders, and help you to see that the path in front of you is actually clear. If the question is either/or, how can you choose both?

Often in this card, the ties that hold the person appear to be loose, or easily removed. The man in our card is (loosely) bound with vines, very similar to the imagery from Cutting the Ties Guided Meditation. Those vines are ideas or thoughts that don’t serve you, or serve to keep you stuck. How does it serve you to stay stuck or trapped in indecision? The swords – knowledge, ideas, new perspectives – could easily cut through the vines. If you are open to them…

The man pictured is definitely not open. His arms are crossed. He’s stubborn. Maybe he’s stuck in being right? He’s dressed in blue for throat chakra, but it’s blocked. “I won’t do it.” It’s his way or no way. He’s not allowing for circumstances to flow.

The swords have red jewels for the root chakra, and the handles are quartz which is programmable. The downward pointing triangle is the alchemical symbol for air, and air equates to thoughts and ideas. Programmable thoughts = quartz crystals. But they are cloudy, so the ideas aren’t clear.

Though the clouds overhead are dark and ominous, there is a break in the clouds, a ray of sunshine is poking through. There is hope for a resolution, and soon. The light is there, choosing differently would reveal the pyramids – ancient knowledge and wisdom. Take a break from the mental rat race, and allow the answer to come through. Or allow yourself to make the decision, and free yourself from the loop.


Mary and Katana

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