Another Turn Around the Sun

Yesterday (for you reading this, for me writing it’s today) was my 41st birthday. That’s right. I’m not ashamed of my age. I’m very proud of it, actually.


Unlike a couple of months ago, at the end of one calendar year and the beginning of the next, I didn’t spend the day looking backward. I didn’t do a whole lot of reflection at all. I went to rehearsal for Spring Mysteries.

My trip began on Saturday, traveling from my home on Vancouver Island to the mainland, and spending the night with a friend and fellow actor/priestess. She is also one of the Grace/Fate/Furies, and so we talked about, and worked on, costumes.

Yesterday was up early for the trek to Seattle. We met up with a couple of other lovely humans, also in the Mysteries, for the carpool down to rehearsal. Lots of stimulating conversation and laughs in the van, along with baby coos!

Rehearsal was tremendous. People had most of their lines down, and our trio of trios connected better than we ever have. We sang, and it sounded great. And they brought me birthday cake!

I also connected more strongly with the energy of the Graces, the Fates, and the Furies. Our spiritual director has been opening each rehearsal with a guided meditation designed to help us connect more and more with Eleusis, our deities, and the people who have served them in the past. Up until this week, I have struggled with the meditation (something VERY unusual for me!), feeling pulled in three different directions and not sure which way to focus. This week it came together, and I was finally able to see the three strongly diverse energies braided together, harmonizing and strengthening each other.

It is late Sunday night, and I need to get some sleep. I’ll be traveling back home the rest of the way tomorrow, or today really, when you’re reading this. I apologize that it’s not as shiny a post as many of my other posts – the joys of working on a mobile device instead of a computer!

Thank you, Universe, for another turn around the sun, and another opportunity to make changes and improvements in my life!



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