Tarot Thursday: 10 of Cups

Our first Minor Arcana card is the 10 of Cups. (This card is still a work in progress.)

The Minor Arcana are the suit cards, similar to a deck of regular playing cards, except there are four court cards instead of three in each suit.

10 of cups artlovelight walks within tarotThe suit of cups is about emotions, intuition, and all forms of relationship – romantic, family, business, friendship. You’ll probably see this a lot – I’ll remind you about it with each card in the suit. It is equivalent to the suit of hearts.

To help with learning the tarot in a systematic way, it is helpful to think of the numbers in the suits as a scale, with 1 as the beginning, and the 10 as the completion, or the fulfillment.

So we are starting our journey at the end, the fulfillment. I think of this card as the “happy family” card. It is the fulfillment of relationships, dreams and intuition.

Our card shows a family on the shore of a lake. It is autumn, so the air is crisp, and yet it is bright enough for a picnic and outdoor play. Autumn is a time of harvest, giving thanks, and celebrating the fruits of your efforts.

In the foreground, Mom and Dad snuggle together on the picnic table, watching their children play. Brother and sister are showing off their physical skills closer to the shore. The little girl has just accomplished something, and has turned back to make sure Mom and Dad were watching and saw her success.

The little girl is wearing a red coat. She’s in the first stage of development, building the foundation, the root chakra. She’s becoming independent, and still checks in with Mom and Dad to make sure she is safe and secure. If she is the one who stands out most in your reading, where are you feeling secure in your relationships or emotions? Where can you use a little reassurance, and who do you look to in order to receive that reassurance?

The boy is wearing an orange coat. He is in the second stage of development, forming relationships separate from the family, exploring creativity, the sacral chakra. He is comfortable playing on his own, and secure enough in his relationship with his family that he doesn’t need to check in. He’s able to play in the world of his own creation and imagination. If the boy stands out most strongly, are you comfortable being on your own? Do you feel balanced in your relationships with other people? When was the last time you played, or expressed yourself creatively? You have support, so go for it!

Mom will be wearing magenta and turquoise. These are colors of the heart and higher heart chakras. Mom is definitely connected to the heart and compassion. She is present and loving and supportive. If mom stands out most to you, acknowledge the person in your life who embodies that feeling, even if it is you! Or maybe it is a signal to trust your heart and intuition in the situation.

Dad is dressed in blue, the color of communication and the throat chakra. If dad stands out most to you, are you communicating your feelings to your loved ones? Is there something you need to say that would help you to feel more at peace, or more joy in your life? Remember that none of us (or at least not many of us!) are mind-readers. Clear communication is a key component in happy and peaceful relationships.

The rainbow overhead signifies blessings, and an end to hardship. Whatever challenges the seeker has been facing in their relationships, or in their emotional life, have come to an end. Or they soon will be, depending on where the card appears in the reading!

What if you’re not in a relationship? Remember, in tarot, relationship doesn’t just mean a romantic relationship. This could be a positive relationship with your parents, having a supportive network of friends surrounding you, or even a great business partnership.

OK, OK. It could also mean being at peace with yourself and having a favorable self image. It could mean that you are in alignment with your purpose and your dreams.

Whatever relationship this card is indicating, be grateful! It shows that things are on the right track! Take a moment to appreciate the people in your life, and the happiness, joy, and peace that you are feeling.

What does the 10 of Cups mean for you?


Mary and Katana

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