A Skeptical Dose of Health

I did something yesterday that I didn’t think I would ever do again – I attended a presentation for a network marketing presentation.

Mary and RandiAbout 7 or 8 years ago, I was in network marketing up to my eyeballs. I was part of more than one company. I sold children’s books, beauty products, nutritional supplements, food, household items, an online auction, and I don’t even remember what else.

I was attending a lot of personal development conferences, and of course, everyone had their own product that they were pushing. The conferences also promoted MLM as a way to become financially free. Top names in the financial field like Robert Kiyosaki were advocating network marketing as a viable means to get rich.

All of the companies sell the same features – that it is easy, anyone can be successful, it’s not really selling, it’s sharing.

And there’s a part of me that honestly believes it is a viable vehicle toward financial and time freedom.

For extroverts.

As an introvert, it is not in my nature to throw parties for products, or to push my friends and family to support me in my venture by spending lots of money on this or that miracle thing.

So I gave it all up, every single one. And I’ve been extremely gun-shy about any network marketing company ever since.

However, I’ve been seeing the posts of a friend of mine, and I’ve seen the remarkable change that she has experienced over the last year and a half. To be honest, for a very long time, every time I saw her post about her product experience, I scrolled past it.

And then I watched one of her videos. And chatted with her – she didn’t push anything at me at all, and I’m super grateful for that. If she had, I would have run the other way. Because we hadn’t seen each other for a long time, she told me about the low point to which her health had dropped, and how she had come to feel healthier, lose quite a bit of weight, and have a ton of energy once again.

I’ll admit, it got me curious. Not enough to buy the product, just enough to keep watching.

So when she asked for friends to allow her to post on their wall, I said sure. I’m happy to see her happy, healthy and successful. She sent me a trial of the product, and invited me to a presentation. And I went.

I’m still extremely skeptical. Part of me wants to believe all the testimonials that I heard at the presentation. I want to believe that it can be that simple to feel better, to have more energy, release toxins and even shed some extra weight. I want to believe that it could be that easy to earn extra money. And I’m still skeptical.

I’m willing to test this product and see if it will make a difference for me. If you are at all curious, and would like to learn more, or maybe test it out with me, click here to learn about Thrive. For full disclosure, if you order anything, I will benefit.

UPDATE: When I wrote this after attending the presentation, I didn’t really feel any different. I had sat through the presentation yawning (because I was still tired) and holding tightly to my skepticism. I stayed up until 1 am this morning. I’m usually exhausted by 10 pm. I was up to get the boys up for school at the normal time, without too much effort. I did yoga and felt more energy than normal. I’m yawning again now, probably because of the shorter night’s rest, however it’s not the “Can I hibernate, please?” kind of yawning. I’m starting to think there might be something to Thrive. Maybe.

Oh, and I promise that I won’t let this blog become one of those “buy my product” blogs.



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