Unrealistic Timelines

There’s a quote I often tell my coaching clients: “There are no unrealistic goals. Only unrealistic timelines.” (adapted from Brian Tracy) I forget it myself, sometimes, though.

goals timelinesI’ve had lots of ideas and dreams. There is so much I want to learn and do – I want to make a difference in the world. And there’s smaller, personal goals I am working on.

Progress has been excruciatingly slow. Other responsibilities, and distractions, have slowed me down.

I remind myself that baby steps are still progress. And I definitely have made progress, even if it is not as much progress as I would have liked.

In some areas, I am farther along than I would have guessed seven years ago. In other ways, not so much.

It’s been over seven years since I began this blog. That alone is something I wouldn’t have guessed. I’ve recorded and sold quite a few guided meditations. There are still more to record, though. I had hoped seven years ago to have sold my guided meditations to a publisher.

As we come to the end of the year, I look back at what I’ve accomplished this year (if it is good enough for my coaching clients, it is good enough for me).

  • I’ve improved my tarot reading skills, and connected more with my intuition.
  • I’ve re-established, and expanded, my daily practice – meditation, mantra and journalling.
  • I’ve taught successfully written and taught several courses.
  • (This is a lot harder than you would think…)
  • I’ve managed the household expenses, and kept my family fed and housed.
  • I held the role of Demeter at Spring Mysteries Festival (and did a damn fine job, if I do say so myself!)
  • I performed the wedding for a dear friend.
  • With the help of some wonderful people, I organized Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day.
  • (Once you get on a roll, it gets remarkably easier.)
  • I was present for my family as we mourned my cousin’s passing.

I’m going to keep this project up over the next couple of weeks. As I see what I have accomplished this year, it helps me hone in on what I would like to accomplish next year! It also helps me have a better perspective on the things not yet accomplished.

What about you? What have you accomplished this past year?



3 Responses

  1. I too am thinking about what I’ve done over the past year and where I want to go in the new year. I finished a eastern religions class a philosophy of art class, I was apollo shrine attendant this year and helped with the youth rites of passage at spring mysteries. I went to portland this summer and learn alot of personal and magical lessons. I got back into emily carr university. I was a shrine attendant for the temperance tarot card at sickle this year. I finished a photography and Art history class. I worked on a Collabarative project on depression with my brother. And I am resuming my student role with my friend, mentor, teacher on my spiritual path. Phewff ok I accomplished more than I thought. In the new year I wish to make a Mala necklace and strengthen my daily meditation/manifestation practice, become more physically active by doing yoga at home and swimming, need to work on my body temple. Work on another 6 credits of my art university classes ( bringing me 12 credits shy of my degree ya can’t believe it’s so close when I say it like that) work on postulancy classes and be of service at spring mysteries ( if meant to be perhaps a shrine attendant to a goddess? Or where ever needed) start working part time in the summer and taking wicca seminary classes. Do an appeal to student loans and hopefully obtain either financial aid or grants or bursaries or a scholarship to fund my last year in university. become more social, make new friends and welcome new aspects of love into my life. And become a happier and healthier person mentally, physically emotionally, and spiritually. And remind myself goals are achievable time lines can always be adjusted cause you taught me that and it’s ok:)

  2. Great start to manifesting! May you achieve all you set out to do!

  3. You have also been a great friend and a massive support to your friends all over the world …have a lovely Yule tide