I Love Teaching

I’ve recently finished teaching a class online. I’m going to miss my students.

However, I’ve just taken on two new personal students. And I’ve got ideas for another class that I need to write.


I love teaching. I remember when I was in high school, we took a lot of aptitude and personality tests to help us try to decide what we wanted to do with the rest of our lives. A couple of occupations that were recommended for me were social worker and teacher.

My grandmother was a social worker, and a chemical dependency counselor. I loved, admired and respected her very much. I also knew enough about myself to know that if I were to take on social work, I would get much too attached to my clients.

In University, I thought about those aptitude tests again. While working on my BA in theater, I took an education class, thinking perhaps I might go on to teach theater. One class. The pressure to conform to one way of teaching was irritating. Teaching was quickly abandoned.

Fast forward… a lot of years… and here I am teaching. I teach online and in person. And I love it. I love helping people to greater understanding. I love witnessing people’s growth and a-ha moments. That’s also why I love coaching.

I don’t know everything. I will never know everything. That’s part of the joy of Earth School – there’s always something else to learn. There are lots of people a little farther along their learning than I am, and I thankfully have a few of them as my teachers and mentors.

It is my absolute pleasure and joy to be able to pass some of that knowledge on to others.

Time to get writing and planning. I’ve got more teaching to do!



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