Struggling With Body Image


I consider myself to be a smart, educated woman. I’m very well aware of the media’s effect on self-esteem through the narrow image of beauty that they push. I don’t watch television or read magazines.

I see beauty in people of all shapes and sizes. I remind other women that the Goddess is beautiful in ALL her forms, including yours. And most of the time, I feel really good about my appearance. Or at the very least accepting.

Ugly DucklingMost of the time.

Until I see a picture of myself that doesn’t quite fit the one in my head. Then BAM! The ugly monster that I thought I had slain comes back with a vengeance.

It is horrible that I looked at myself and the first thing I thought was, “I really need to lose some weight.” Then comes the shame spiral of “I need to exercise more.” – “When am I going to be able to exercise?” – “Why do I even bother?” – “Can’t I just stay in bed today?”

I’m actually one of the lucky ones. I am aware of the destructiveness of these thoughts, and I’m pretty good about not buying into them. I also have a wonderfully supportive partner who helps to remind me of how beautiful I am, and how much he appreciates my curves.

So now I begin the climb back up out of the pits of despair and back to feeling beautiful. I am beautiful, and I believe that.

Do you feel beautiful today? You definitely are!

This video sums up in a humorous way media’s mixed messages about beauty:



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