OK. Break’s Over!

I don’t know about you, but for me the time between Yule and New Year’s is liminal – a between time, a transition between the old and new. It’s a strange (and welcome) break from the ordinary routine, a time to spend with family and catch up on projects (and hopefully sleep).

For me, it’s also a time to start planning the coming year.

As always, though, the break goes by MUCH too quickly. Either that, or I have unrealistic ideas about what I can accomplish in a given amount of time. Nah. That couldn’t possibly be the case. 😉

Regardless of whether I am ready for it or not, the break is over. I’ve already been back to work for a couple of days. Classes resume this week at the Seminary, and I still have classes to teach. Rehearsals are about to start for Spring Mysteries. I have several sweater coats in progress, and a couple more to get started on.

The interlude from Sting’s song St. Augustine in Hell keeps going through my mind:

You’re not alone. You’re never alone, not here you’re not. OK… break’s over!

~Sting, St. Augustine in Hell

2014 was challenging in a lot of ways for almost everyone I know. You’re not alone. I’m just as glad that it’s over as anyone else.

I don’t really have any illusions that 2015 is going to be any less challenging. I have a lot of hopes – that there will be more positives this year, that the hard work from last year will pay off with lots of rewards this year, that kind of thing. I’m still an optimist.

Just like in a video game, though, the challenges get more difficult each time you level up. Honestly, how much fun would it be if everything were suddenly easy? Sure, it would be relaxing for the first little while. And then it would get boring really quickly. Then paranoia would set in (at least for me) – when is the down side going to happen?

The challenges make the rewards all the sweeter.

It’s important to take a break, and assess. Choose your direction with intention. What do you want to accomplish this year? If you don’t choose, the Universe will choose for you. Do you want to look back at the end of the year and wonder how you got there? Or do you want to look back and say, I did it!

Yep. Break’s over. It’s time to get back to work. I have a lot to accomplish this year.



PS. Not sure what direction you’d like to take in the New Year? Listen to Finding Your Purpose Guided Meditation. Or, if you already know where you want to go, listen to Planting the Seeds Guided Meditation to get a good start on the new year.

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  1. I know all too well if you don’t choose a direction the Universe will pick one for you! Gabe was conceived during a time of ‘I can’t decide what to do w my life’ off a break from University.