Carrying On a Legacy

This weekend I attended the memorial for Pete “Pathfinder” Davis, the founder of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church. It was actually the second memorial for him.

Pete Pathfinder DavisPete died almost two months ago, and a memorial was held shortly after for those who were close enough to attend. The second memorial was planned for those (like me) who had farther distances to travel and were not able to make the first memorial.

There was a lot of chaos left in the wake of his passing. I’ll just leave it at that. So the grieving has been extra painful because of the other events and emotions that accompanied the grief.

I was very grateful we were able to travel to attend, because it meant that I got to see many of the other people that had loved Pete and hear stories about how he had touched their lives. I also got to see some people who have touched my life that I have not seen in several years, and it meant so much to me.

The best place to be in times of grief and challenge is with people you love. Though I was not as close to Pete as many others, I was able to support them in their grief, and be supported in mine. Most importantly, I got to spend time with people whose company I thoroughly enjoy.

Pete did a lot of things in his life – some positive, some… well, that depends on your point of view. He’s left quite a legacy for us. I am honored to be one of those to carry on a small piece of that legacy. Done is done, and now it is time to look forward.

Rest well, Pete. Thank you.



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