Visiting the Other Coast

This weekend I had the privilege of traveling across the continent to an IATSE conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have been to the Atlantic coast in Florida, but until now I hadn’t been east of Winnipeg in Canada. To say I was looking forward to it would be an understatement.

Mary Malinski at Peggy's Cove NSGiven that the East Coast was the first part of the continent to be settled, you can feel the history of the place. The buildings are definitely older, and there are several historic sites right near where I was staying. I had some time before my conference started on Friday morning and went to tour the Citadel, one of the oldest military bases in Canada. I happened to be there for the firing of the noon gun.

Then the conference started. I learned a lot about the structure of the union I am part of – the International Alliance of Stage and Theatrical Employees – as well as some of the many programs and services they have to offer their members. There are also quite a lot of amazing people to meet, and they were quite welcoming.

On Saturday night, my fellow IATSE member from Vancouver Island and I wandered around the harbour before going to see Into the Woods at the Neptune Theatre. It was a wonderful production and I thoroughly enjoyed going to a live theatre production.

While we were wandering around downtown (is the harbour area downtown?), what stood out for me was all the pubs. We walked down one block that was a whole row of pubs! It’s easier to find a pub than it is to find a convenience store.

Sunday afternoon I went back to the harbour and wandered through the Farmer’s Market. I was quite impressed by the produce, and I wish I could have brought some of it home with me.

Then I went and toured the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21. It was supposed to be a rainy day. Instead it was warm and sunny. It was wonderful to walk down by the water and through the city.

Sunday evening I had an amazing time. A connection that I met online through the ATC drove out to meet me, and brought another friend. They drove me out to Peggy’s Cove and Mahone Cove. It was beautiful and I really enjoyed seeing more of Nova Scotia than just the Halifax core. Even better was making new friends!

I’m so very grateful for a full and wonderful weekend on the other coast.



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