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One Day of Pleasure

I can’t believe it is already the end of July. August is almost here. Where did July go?

I had a wonderful visit with my family. It was really nice to have a pretty relaxed time, with no one having to rush off to work (well, almost), and no major plans. We got to visit and enjoy each others’ company. Oh, and there was the spa day with my mom.

Pacific Mist Hydropath at the Kingfisher

I had a homework assignment to plan a day of pleasure, and then actually carry out the plan. I had not yet taken the day before my parents arrived, because I was focused on other projects. So I invited my mom to join me. Having a partner helps me stay more accountable.

I’ve wanted to go through the Pacific Mist Hydropath at the Kingfisher Resort ever since it opened. But I had the idea that it was too expensive (probably because I don’t often treat myself to things like that). Anyway, for my day of pleasure, the Hydropath was my main objective.

I also asked Mom what she would enjoy. A pedicure was on her list. So when I booked us for the Hydropath, I booked massages as well.

After sleeping in to the sound of rain, we headed out for the spa. It was so wonderful! And the Hydropath… WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO DO THIS???? I felt so relaxed and calm. I was totally content afterwards to just sit and watch the trees drip. It was the first time in a long time that I have actually done nothing. I didn’t even feel guilty about it. 🙂

After a while, we decided it was time for a late lunch. I wanted Thai food, because I don’t get to have it very often. However, when we drove by, the Thai restaurant was closed. So we checked out a couple of other places, and ended up at another favorite restaurant of mine, where I still got to have peanut stir fry.

We had some time before the next scheduled event (coffee night with friends and the best chocolate covered rice krispie squares!), so we went shopping. We browsed a couple of thrift stores, ran into a couple of friends I haven’t seen in a while, and scored a great deal at a closing out sale.

Dessert was lovely, conversation was great. All in all I had a wonderful day spoiling myself. And the best part? I got to share it with my mom.

I’m definitely going back for the Hydropath again. I need to spoil myself more often.

If you gave yourself a day of pleasure, what would you do?



Who Knew Summer Vacation Would Be So Busy?

Just a quick update for today. My parents are visiting, so I have been enjoying spending time with them. I’ve also been creating again – I made a sandwich board for tarot readings, and I’m working on a sweater coat for my mom. They aren’t here much longer, so I’m focusing my energy on that instead of blogging!

First look at the Ace of cups from the Walks Within and ArtLoveLight Tarot Deck - and yes, we haven't picked a name yet!

First look at the Ace of cups from the Walks Within and ArtLoveLight Tarot Deck – and yes, we haven’t picked a name yet!

I’ve got a pretty busy tarot schedule this week. There are still appointments and drop-in spots available, though! Here’s the lowdown:

Today at 1:00 pm – Tarot Readings at Twotonium Ink in Campbell River

Saturday from 11 am – 4 pm – Tarot Readings at Mystic Earth Creations in Campbell River. It is also the River City Arts Fest downtown that day, so lots to see and do!

Saturday from 5 pm – 9 pm – Tarot Readings at Chances Casino. I’ll be giving readings and taking bookings for Tarot Parties! There are quite a few other amazing women with home businesses that will be there. Again, lots to see and do!

Monday at 1:00 pm – Tarot Readings at Twotonium Ink in Campbell River

I can also give readings by phone or Skype. Let me know what you would like!

Oh, and the image there is a first proof of the Ace of Cups from a tarot deck that Katana Dufour from (she’s got some amazing art – go check out her website and buy some!) and I are collaborating on. What do you think?



Profits Above People – Why I Choose to Boycott Nestle

I was originally going to post about what a lovely and magical weekend I had. I led a ritual online for school on Friday night. I performed the handfasting (wedding) of two wonderful women reunited after many years apart. I led a ritual for my circle in the grove near my home. I gazed in wonder at the big, bright, beautiful full moon. I read tarot cards at the Farmers Market and was told several times that my reading was “bang on”.

Nestle ProductsI *was* going to write about all that. And then I looked on Facebook this morning. For the second time in less than 24 hours, other friends of mine have posted petitions about the actions Nestle Corporation is taking around the world. And I got mad.

I don’t think of myself as an activist. Most of the time I feel pretty small, like my actions don’t have much of an effect on big business or government. I prefer to make a difference where I can see it – with individuals. Activism is wonderful, and I admire and appreciate all of the amazing people who are called to it. I don’t feel it is my calling.

And yet, when I hear about stories like Nestle wants to privatize around the world, making claims that water is not a basic right (video link), I can’t stay quiet. Of course, they spin it a bit differently on the Nestle website.

Here’s the first petition I saw on Facebook last night – please take a moment to sign it.

This morning, the next story I saw was about Nestle trying to patent a plant. Not a genetically modified seed, not an invention or creation. A plant. You know, those things that grow in the wild. Why, because it has medicinal properties.

A little investigation shows that Nestle is actually trying to patent a compound that comes from the flower, not the flower itself. Again, here is their position on the situation. (You can’t accuse me of not being fair.)

I also remember controversy about their infant formula practices from when my children were little. Essentially, the argument states that corporations advertising formula heavily and giving out free samples of their products has led to the decline in breastfeeding and an increase in infant sickness and failure to thrive. I was lucky enough to be able to breastfeed all of my children. I know several people who had significant challenges breastfeeding, and had they not had formula to turn to, their babies would have suffered tremendously. I’m not saying that having an alternative is bad. The aggressive and insidious marketing tactics are not so hot.

Essentially, Nestle thinks they are untouchable. They value profits over people. And I’m not ok with that.

So I’m going to avoid buying any more Nestle products. It’s not going to be easy – they have their hands in a lot of products, from make-up to coffee to pet food. Here’s a list of Nestle products. Here’s an app called Buycott that you can download to your phone – it scans barcodes and tells you who the parent company is so you can avoid supporting companies whose practices you do not support.

Sometimes, you just have to stand up and say NO!



Why I Make the Sacrifice to go Camping

This weekend was a camp out with a group of friends and people from my church. I really loved seeing my friends, and getting to know some new friends. The more I go camping, which isn’t very often, the more I realize that I am not meant to camp.

Mary and BellaFirst of all, the ground and I do not get along when it comes to sleeping. Thankfully this year my air mattress did not deflate. I still woke up sore every morning.

And I woke up so early! When you’re in a tent, it’s hard not to wake up with the sun. And the birds. And anyone else in the camp. Which would have been fine (maybe) if I had gone to bed when it got dark. But no, we stayed up sitting around the fire sharing stories. And others stayed up even after I went to bed, so I could still hear them. This year, I was tired enough to crash pretty hard when I went to bed, so that wasn’t as much of an issue.

Outhouses stink. I don’t think these had been emptied in a VERY long time. The camp site we were at was putting in actual washrooms, but they weren’t quite complete. So instead, the building taunted us from behind the construction fencing.

I don’t warm up easily, so being cold is not fun for me. It rained on and off all weekend. I lived in my sweater coat. All weekend.

I’m lucky there were other people to start the fire, and that my husband looked after the cooking. I appreciate him so much!

I know. I’m spoiled. When I was a child, my grandparents lived on a lake. We never went camping. We just went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and slept in real beds, cooked in a kitchen, and used the bathroom with running water whenever we needed to.

So why did I do it if it makes me miserable?

Because of the people. There were some people there that I love, and I don’t get to see them as often as I would like. Good friends from the Mainland that I admire, and mentors from the US. I was able to sit with these people and talk with them and learn from them in a way that I am not able to at larger gatherings.

And there were people there that I had never met before that I am extremely grateful we had the opportunity to meet and talk. We planted the seeds of new friendship.

Growing in my spirituality and my ministry is important to me. Extremely important. So I will make sacrifices and do things that are out of my comfort zone in order to learn and grow.

What do you love (or want) so much that you are willing to make sacrifices to achieve it?