When the Universe Tells You to Slow Down…

The last few weeks have been extremely busy and stressful for me. What am I talking about? Heck, the last few *months* have been busy and stressful. But the last few weeks I have been going 7 days a week – work Tuesday through Saturday, Farmer’s Market on Sundays, coaching on Mondays, and classes Monday through Friday after work. Add to that being part of the bargaining committee for the Union contract at work, and that May and June are some of the busiest months at the theatre, and my stress levels were pretty high up there.

Being forced to slow down is the same as being handed an invitation to slow down.Well, the Universe told me it was time to slow down. A week ago Saturday, as I was leaving work on our last super busy weekend, I fell on the stairs and twisted my ankle. I was already feeling rushed and extra frustrated because I was supposed to lead ritual at 7:30 pm. Originally I had been scheduled to be off at 5 pm, and then at the last minute my schedule was changed to work until 7 pm. It was 7:15 already, and I was finally leaving, and I slipped off the bottom step and went down.

My husband came to get me, and I was sitting on the steps with ice on my ankle in a fair amount of pain while we filled out an incident report. So instead of going out to lead ritual, I went to the emergency room to make sure my ankle wasn’t broken. Originally I thought I would still be able to go to the Farmer’s Market the next morning, but decided to listen to the Universe’s urging to slow down, and I stayed home.

As if the sore ankle wasn’t enough, mid-week I succumbed to the virus that my husband and son had the week before. I stayed home in bed on Wednesday. Thankfully I had no classes this week, though I did take part in one of the rituals online, and I had a birthday party for my middle son. So it was still a pretty busy week.

Today is thankfully a pretty quiet day. I was able to sleep in, and I don’t have plans to go anywhere today. I’m staying home, snuggled in my bed reading, and resting, and probably doing a little bit of homework. I’m listening to the Universe, though, and working on taking care of me. Because when the Universe tells you to slow down, you better listen! I don’t need any harder lessons, thanks!

I am really looking forward to having some time off work. It is coming right on time.

Have you been invited to slow down lately? In what ways?



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  1. Glad your taking care of yourself those who love you wish to see a happy healthy mary ( not a burnt out one) hug and get well soon!