Back to Normal?

The festival preparation craziness is over, and life returns to its previous pace. I somehow always delude myself into thinking that life will get easier once ____ is over. And yet, once that thing is over, there is always something (or several somethings) that fill the void.

What is Normal?It’s wonderful to get away. Unfortunately, the rest of the world rarely stops while I’m gone. So there are things to catch up on – work, bills, laundry, homework. And more keeps piling up. So I am once again behind on my homework and email responses, and more responsibilities are finding their way to me.

I found out at Spring Mysteries that the ArchPriestess of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Canada is going on a learning exchange to Ecuador for 5 months starting this summer. I am the Maiden of ATC Canada, so that means I’ll be filling for her while she’s away. Those are pretty big shoes to fill, let me tell you! I’m glad she’s only going for a short while. I really feel like I have a lot more to learn before I take on that big a leadership role.

Once again, my work will be closed over the summer, so I am being laid off for July and August. I decided that I am going to read tarot at the Farmer’s Market this summer. However, the Farmer’s Market started yesterday, so I will be starting that next week. So much for having Sundays off. I’m actually looking forward to it, though. It will definitely be good practice for me.

So between work, classes, teaching, coaching, and now the Farmer’s Market, there’s still not a lot of down time. Yet. In July, I’ll have plenty (and plenty of other projects to keep me busy, I’m sure. Like the new class I am writing for the Seminary.) I’ll just have to take my naps where I can get them!

People have asked me how I manage to do all the things I do. I come by it honestly – my mom was a workaholic and a perfectionist (and I say this affectionately, not as criticism!). That, and I just can’t NOT do any of the things that I do. They all fulfill me and support my life purpose in some way. If I were to stop doing them, I would be sad because I wouldn’t feel like I was moving toward my life purpose as fully. So I just keep going.

What about you? Are you moving toward your life purpose? What’s holding you back? Life coaching can help keep you on track and accelerate your progress. Drop me a line and check out how!



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