The Things I Do for (the Goddess of) Beauty

We are less than a month away from Spring Mysteries now – getting ever closer to Eleusis. Most of my costumes are ready. There are just a few finishing touches still to be done. Now I’m down to accessories, and hair.

Oh, the hair.

In my mind, Aphrodite has beautiful wavy tresses. Curly even. My hair is not so curly. It waves when it is wet, but not as much when it dries. And not at all once I brush it.

Mary with curlsSo I have been on the search for a way to curl my hair that is not permanent, and doesn’t involve copious amounts of chemicals. For the Aphrodite and Eros dance at The Tab, I did it the “old-fashioned” way – with a curling iron. It took me an hour and a half, and a ton of hair spray. It still didn’t stay that long. The ringlets were gone the next morning, though I did have a certain sexy just-got-out-of-bed look. Which still didn’t last past the brush. Not to mention that I don’t want to be spending an hour and a half at the festival (each day!) curling my hair.

I’ve watched some videos on different types of (really expensive) curling irons, and really cool braids. I know how to french-braid my hair, though I don’t think I could do some of the fancier patterns on my own head. And french braids is one of my options for the wavy look.

I had my eye on some interesting looking ringlet curlers on ebay for a while, and I finally broke down and ordered some. They arrived this week, so I had to try them out. They are pretty simple to use. (If you want an interesting experience, check out the promo video.)

I put them in Friday morning after my shower before work. It took me longer than I expected, so I thought I would use my hair dryer to speed up the process. I didn’t have enough time, and I was going to be late for work if I stuck with it, so I pulled them out. Although my hair was still very damp, I could see that it should create the ringlet look. I decided to try again that night and leave them in over night.

FYI, they are NOT conducive to sleep like it shows in the video, although I had them much closer to my scalp. I slept very lightly all night, because they did not compress. I woke up with a sore neck from my head being lifted the extra bit off my pillow.

But I had perfect ringlets when I took them out in the morning. I put a bit of gel in my damp hair to see how long they would last without hairspray.

By the end of the day, the back had pulled down a lot, but the front curls were still good. Even after sleeping on it (though I did tuck it all up under a hat), it looked ok. So this will work. I just won’t be sleeping on them!

What are some crazy things you have done in the name of beauty? Post your beauty tips and traumas in the comments below!



3 Responses

  1. Wonderful! I am spending a great deal of energy trying to have nice fingernails for my waitressing and I spend as much time painting my nails, waiting for it to dry and removing the polish as I do at work. Literally. I am taking Biotin now so that they won’t crack and break as often.

  2. Beauty faux pas. Oh, let me count the ways! Lol. Weirdest/craziest thing I have done is when I go on my all natural kicks for hair and face. I break out the blender and make my own face masks and hair masks. What a mess to clean out.

    But the worst of all, was when I had fried and dyed my hair. I was looking for a product that would make my hair soft again. I found this coconut hair jelly that was petroleum based. Yeah, guess where this is going. Suffice to say, I slathered it in my hair, not realizing that this product was sitting in the ethnic hair care section. I never knew such a thing existed, hair care is hair care right? Wrong! Annnnnd it took a couple of hours and multiple washes to get it out. Yup, I have many a beauty stories. 😛

  3. LOL! Laura, thank you for that! 🙂