Journey to Eleusis – On Beauty and Makeup

beautiful even without make up quotes
In working with Aphrodite, I find I’m thinking a lot about beauty. I’m wearing makeup more often, and I’m a bit conflicted about the connection between beauty and makeup.

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2 Responses

  1. As a healer with a background as a professional make-up artist I think every women is beautiful and needs to be encouraged to tap into the energy of beauty within her. Adorning your physical world as well as the physical features with the use of color and texture is a very ancient feminine practice. We are drawn to it for a reason. I think it can be a very powerful act of embracing not only our beauty, but our femininity. I think the real issue that needs to be looked is how women can learn to love themselves more, and learn to accept themselves the way they are, so that using make-up as a means for self-expression, creativity, and beautification can allow us to tap more powerfully into our femininity rather than be used as a means to cover up perceived flaws, and seek out the acceptance of others due to a low sense of worth and value. Of course make-up is not the only way to feel beautiful, and i truly believe that a women needs to tap into the beauty within her, and feel beautiful from the inside whether she is wearing make-up or not, but sometimes powerful inner transformation can take place by enhancing or changing what exists outside of us. Great Post! Blessings, Tara Preston

  2. The time I spend putting on make-up is time I’m putting aside just for me. Simply for myself to please myself – and I mean this in the kindest possible way. Self-care. Make-up is my personal medium for self care. Women typically spend so much time and energy and love on others that it can be hard to give ourselves the same honor. Others undoubtedly find their own way to express this sentiment; this is mine.