Journey to Eleusis: The Long Pilgrimage

Eleusis, spring mysteries, spring mysteries festival

Journey to Eleusis. Preparing for the Spring Mysteries festival!

Of all the cast and crew for Spring Mysteries 2014, I think I have the longest commute. Though the days are long, the time I get to spend with my “other” family is well worth the effort.

This video is a summary of one day of my travels to rehearsal for Spring Mysteries Festival. I’ll be sharing more as I work with Aphrodite about the Journey to Eleusis, preparing to recreate the Eleusinian Mysteries.

The travel from my home on Northern Vancouver Island to Seattle is quite expensive (BC Ferries are much more expensive than Washington State Ferries). I would appreciate any and all donations to support this work. For all donations over $20, I will send you a guided meditation of your choice. For any donations over $100, I will create a guided meditation on a subject you are working on.

May all your contributions return to you over and over and over again! You are blessed with abundance.



2 Responses

  1. I’m so excited for you! And so awed by your commitment and determination. Go, you! 🙂

    I’d love to make a donation. The donate button above just takes me to the general paypal site. Is there a different link I should go to?

  2. I think I have it fixed. Please try again now. 🙂