Busy-ness and Business

June is a crazy month for me, and especially the last half of the month. I am so glad it is almost over!

busy personTwo of my boys have their birthdays in June, so we have birthday parties to deal with. Mostly we combine their parties into one event, because trying to find two separate dates at the end of June to have parties is just crazy.

Then there are all the end of school activities, and ceremonies and parties and beach days. The amount of permission slips I have signed in the last two weeks is out of control! Part of me wonders why they bother even calling it school at this time of year. But if it gets their required educational days in, I guess that makes everyone happy.

Father’s Day and the Summer Solstice are also end of June activities, and the Full Moon tends to fall in this time frame as well.

This year I’ve got an extra serving of work on my plate with the classes I am taking, and the assignments I have to grade for the class I taught. Thankfully, I have managed to finish grading all the assignments that have been turned in. Yay, me!

That covers the busy-ness. Now the business…

I’m running the Elements of Abundance course again, starting this week! You can register here, and it is only $47 for the 5-week class. The people who took it at the beginning of the year had some excellent results, and very good things to say about the course. And if you’re feeling lucky, there is still a bit of time to check out the Facebook contest!

You also still have time to register for my Summer Coaching Special. This is an amazing deal, with the 2 hour Discovery Session and 8 weeks of coaching – over $1000 worth of coaching for only $250! You’d be amazed at what you can accomplish in just 2 months. You can register for that here:

Summer Coaching Special for only $250

I look forward to working with you!



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