Limited Capacity

I haven’t been giving my blog the attention I would like to be giving it. I haven’t gotten back to writing two posts a week. In fact, I’m struggling to even write once a week.

old woman pouring teaI’m finding I have a limited capacity for writing. It’s like I have a cup with a certain amount of writing energy in it, for lack of a better analogy, and when the cup is empty, I’m done writing. It’s a pretty big cup, for the most part. Heck, I was able to write 30 blog posts in 60 days last summer.

I’m in a different place this year though. It’s amazing what changes a year will bring. I’m in school again, on top of all my other commitments. Part of my school work is to keep a journal, and to submit that writing. It’s emptying more of the energy in my writing cup than I expected.

I shouldn’t be surprised, though. When I was doing the 30/60 challenge last year, I wasn’t writing in my journal all that much.

So I ask you to bear with me as I deal with this limited capacity. I will do my best to keep up my writing here as well as in my journal.



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