So Many Books!

I love to read. When I was a child, and my parents would tell me to go outside and play, I’d often just grab a book and go sit in the yard to read.

20130121-092745.jpgI bring a book with me almost everywhere I go. Actually, with the Kindle app on my phone, I do bring books with me everywhere I go!

I have a problem, though. I don’t make as much time as I would like to read. I’m a pretty busy person. A lot of my time is committed to other people and projects that I have on the go. So squeaking in a few moments here and there to read can sometimes be pretty tricky. Or else it means not doing something else.

I already don’t watch television. I will sometimes borrow movies from the library, though even that is pretty infrequent. I’m working on making sure I journal regularly, and getting enough sleep. All of this means less reading time.

I have a book shelf (and now an iPhone) full of books. All of them call out to me to read and learn from. Most of the books I want to read are self-development or spiritually based, though I do have some mind-candy (fiction) in there as well to mix things up.

I find now, though, that my attention span for books isn’t quite as long as it used to be. Computers and modern technology have given me a form of ADD – if its not extremely engaging, or if the story is moving too slowly, my mind wants to switch to something else. Change the channel, so to speak.

I’m not sure what the solution is here. I spend much of my work day at the computer. Then there’s email and marketing to do on the computer when I get home from work. So unplugging entirely isn’t really an option (though at times, it does seem like a blissful dream).

If I am not as responsive to email or Facebook or comments on the blog here for a while, I ask your forgiveness. Chances are I have my nose in a book.



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  1. Mmm books. Like you I was a child that read a LOT. Half the time at recess at school you could find me somewhere comfy and reading. I don’t make the time to read as I should, and when I DO get a couple of minutes it’s guaranteed to be interrupted by someone. Having a book in your hands should be a big sign to others that says “DO NOT DISTURB.”

  2. Ah, if only it worked that way! Children don’t necessarily see and understand those signals, though.

  3. I have the same problem. (Also, I spent a few minutes looking closely at your picture to see if I could tell which books you have. I spotted the Everything Paganism book on the shelf, and the book in your hand is probably about Hellenic myth, though I’m not sure which book it is. Not Theogony by Hesiod, though that was my first guess. The rest I cannot decipher, for my eyesight is not so good. Also, small picture. ;))

    I’m trying to finish more books this year. It’s not exactly easy, as reading also hurts my eyes — so if I want to read, I have to be willing to dedicate a day to it, because everything else will be fuzzy afterwards. (I should probably go to an eye doctor again.)

    But yeah, you’ve been in my house. Most of the books on the shelves in the living room? Unread.

    I need a remote control that can pause time….
    Morag Spinner recently posted..Boundaries

  4. As a child I did not read hardly at all. I played outside and used my imagination. My parents felt it was important that I know the “classics” so I was read to, maybe “read at” would be a better discription since I was still pretending I was elsewhere.
    Now in my life I am regretting that I did not take the opportunity to read as much as a child, struggling with the basic Writing skills that seem to come second nature to others, and there just seems to be an ever mounting tower of books next to my bed, that I start yet never seem to finish.
    It used to be that someone would have to epoxy a book to my hand to get me to read one, now my problem is I can’t commit to just one for long enough to finish it, I guess there are worse problems a person can have.

  5. Hey Morag!

    The book in my hand is Greek Myths Volume I by Robert Graves. And I think I deliberately turned the others in my stack the wrong way so you COULDN’T see all the titles! 🙂

    Chalice and the Blade is in there, and Greek Myths Volume II, and stuff about Mary Magdalene, and more on Wicca and Paganism….

    Yes! Get your eyes checked! It makes a huge difference.

    A remote control that can pause time, or a time-turner like Hermione had. One of those would be awesome.

  6. I used to feel obligated to read a book cover to cover. And even if I didn’t like a book, I would feel like I had to finish it.

    And then I heard someone say that it’s okay not to finish a book, and not to feel bad. Maybe you already got what you needed from that book and you can move on.

    I still like to read books all the way through if I can. I don’t feel as bad anymore if I jump around, though!