I’m Teaching a Class – Have You Signed Up Yet?

Hey! Have you heard the news? I’m teaching a class!

Live the life you love 2013Yes, I’m jumping in with both feet, and I’ve scheduled the first (of many, I hope) Elements of Abundance classes. It starts next Thursday, January 10th. That’s less than a week away!

I’m not usually one to toot my own horn like this, or write lengthy sales pages (because I hate reading them). I’m not going to try to scare you into buying my product, out of some sort of scarcity thinking – heck, that’s what we’re wanting to get out of and into abundance! I’d prefer you sign up because you’ve found value from my blog and videos, and you’d like to receive even more.

I also know that if i chicken out and don’t tell anyone what I’m doing then it’s not going to be very successful. So, I’m making sure you know about what’s coming up.

Next Thursday, starting at 6:00 pm Pacific time, it begins. We’re going to start with getting clear on what it is you want, and then going through the steps, as reflected by the natural world around us and the four elements, to getting (or creating, really) the life you desire. The process is simple, though not always easy! We’re going to have a pretty small group because I want to make sure I can give each of you the individualized attention you deserve.

If you’re ready to make 2013 a fantastic year, full of abundance and the life you long to live, head on over to the Elements of Abundance and sign up today! I look forward to seeing you on the calls!




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  1. I have signed up! 😀

    Also, plus side to not doing school at all this semester — I don’t have to rush home after class to make it to the phone on Thursdays. 😉
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