2013: The Year We Choose Love?

We’re more than two weeks into 2013, and more than three weeks post-apocalypse. Do you feel any different?

Around the beginning of the year, there were a couple of pictures that circulated on Facebook regarding 2013.

2013 Eros2013 = LoveThey got me wondering – is this the year we finally choose love?

So much of our society is based on fear – fear of war, fear of crazy people, fear of gay marriage crumbling our society, fear of terrorist attacks, fear that there’s not enough (money, food, resources, clean water, clean air, etc.) to go around.  We are bombarded by these fear messages every day.

How do we counter the influence of all this fear? With love. Love is the opposite of fear.

It takes a conscious choice many times to choose love rather than getting sucked in to the fear. And it’s not always easy. Yet it is one of the ways we will evolve.

It is my great hope that 2013 is indeed the year we choose love. That’s the world I want to live in.



2 Responses

  1. I feel happy, blessed, relaxed, but also very tired. Not sure if it is due to the change or due to moving! 😉
    I am right on the shores of the bay. We really must concsider a full moon ritual here one night overlooking the water.
    Love is a terrific statement for 2013. Love the design!

  2. A very fine post. Yes, we can choose love, we can choose to be happy, or not. I find your blog similar to mine in some ways. If you wish to take a look when you get a minute, I hope you will. If not, kindly pardon this tiny intrusion. Peace and all good things for you in meditation and in life.

    Diane Solis
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