So Much to Learn!

I don’t know about you, but I am a knowledge junkie. I love learning new things. I have quite a number of books that I haven’t yet read, bookmark files full of websites I want to spend more time on, and hours of audio and video trainings that would take me weeks to get through. Then, of course, there are all the books I have access to at the library.

Books and CDsIf I quit my job tomorrow, and didn’t have to worry about my children, it would probably take me several years to learn from all the resources I have just on my hard drive, not to mention implementing any of it.

There was a time not long ago that I would sign up for any list that offered something for free, whether I really needed it or not. I’m getting a lot better about choosing what I sign up for, and thereby download, though I still download somethings with no idea when I am going to listen to or read them.

What’s this information hoarding all about? Well, as I said, I value knowledge, and there are lots of things I want to learn more about, like marketing. So I download information about those topics I am interested in.

And then there is the psychology of “free”. If something is “Free!” most people (myself included at times) tend to take one, or several if it is a physical object, because you never know when you might need it. The problem with that is that mentality comes from beliefs about lack, instead of abundance. If I take something I don’t need right now, because I am uncertain if I may need it in the future, the underlying belief is that it won’t be available in the future.

And holding on to clutter or information I don’t need stores energy and takes up space that bigger and better things would otherwise be able to fill.

I think I have some work to do. There is some stored energy in my home and on my hard drive that needs to be released. It may be somewhat challenging for me, because that “what if” voice can be pretty loud. And, of course, there’s the fact that I would rather do (almost) anything than clean house. If better things and experiences are on their way to me though, I had better make room!

What about you? Do you hoard information? What can you move out of your life to make room for something better? Leave me a comment below. And you never know – something positive may come your way!



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  1. i completly understand what u mean mary. i recently last spring had a tarot card reading, that told me i was cleaning house, not just my physical house, but my internal one as well. and while i hold onto books and knolwedge as well, i have found in the past i kept physical objects at times in case i needed them in the future, not to the point of hording, but things like oh extra fishing line is handy for several uses, like jewlery, camping, or sewing, stuff like that. yet when i cleaned out my closet of doom, and my internal self this summer, i made so much more room in my life for what i trully wanted= for love to enter my life. with less in my physical space, i could leave room for a person to walk in and share it with me( though i think i may still need to work on this one a bit, in the form of manifestation next) and by clearing out the old gunk, internally, i am much more open to my true hearts desires and my true calling in life… and well as aphrodite stated to me at the last spring mysteries festival in washington state helf by the atc states, ” be open, for you never know the package love may come in. be open and not afraid, and grateful for it’s lesson, and u will grow so much more my dear”. so all i can say is the universe provides as i knew it did, with those hawaiann shoes i found on my trip to maui, and by having faith u will be exactly where u need to be at a future moment and will have all u need, is the key. what knolwedge, or any form of abundance will show up as long as you focus on what u want, and not what you fear, you taught me that:) so good going mary, i know u can do it, and maybe by cleaning “house” you’ll manifest that dream of being able to be able to take off traveling with much more abundance than u could ever dream of. so i wish u luck, and happy cleaning and manidfesting!:)