I Did a Mis-Take – Time for Take 2!

In my last post, I talked about time freedom, and how much I have enjoyed it this summer. And I also talked about some of the things I didn’t get done, and how I am going to miss my time freedom when I go back to work.

Take 2: My Abundant LifeSTOP! CANCEL! DO OVER!

You see, I was getting caught up in the future, and in worry. I was starting to worry about how I was going to manage keeping up with this 30/60 challenge, and finish creating the Elements of Abundance Program for you while I am back at work. I was allowing myself to fall into old patterns of lack.

And that is definitely NOT the energy I want to be in. I’ve gotten a lot better at catching myself when I start to fall into lack conversations in my mind about money, and I am able to change that conversation pretty quickly.

Now I need to work on catching myself when lack creeps into my thoughts about time. I often focus more on what I have yet to do than on what I have already completed. And then I get frustrated that I am not doing enough, or not working quickly enough. And yet, I often hear comments from my friends about how amazed they are at all the things I do accomplish. There is always going to be a long list of things I want to do. As much as I cross things off it, I am always adding to it!

I need to remember not to judge my success by the length of my to do list, rather to feel successful based on what I have done. I also need to remember to take my own advice: there are no unrealistic goals, only unrealistic timelines.

I am grateful for my friends (Jamie, in this particular instance) who remind me to look at all the abundance in my life, including time and productivity. I am shifting back into my abundant reality, and enjoying the feeling of more than enough.

It’s so nice that life give us the chance for do-overs! I’m ready for take 2!



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  1. being aware is powerful. Catching the thoughts that don’t serve right away and resetting them. I can understand completely with what you are saying. I am in the middle of finishing up the preparations for a workshop that I am doing here and I look at these thoughts that pop up as a great awareness into what others go through too. And a way to share the experience 🙂
    Becca recently posted..Thoughtful Thursday #1

  2. Good luck with your workshop, Becca! Keep us posted about it!