How Do You Know if it is the Right Opportunity?

This week my mentor contacted me about a new opportunity to learn from her mentor. He’s involved with a new company that is launching a new service in about a month. To assist people that join his team, he is offering all of his training materials for free to those who sign up.

Tough DecisionNow, I have a very healthy skepticism when it comes to any network marketing. I’ve put it my time, in quite a number of different companies. At one point, I was involved in something like 4 or 5 different MLM companies at the same time! I hosted parties, I paid for training, I bought leads and did cold calling, all of it, and with very little success.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe network marketing is a viable system, and I don’t knock the people who have found success with it. I also think that I am not the right kind of person to really do well with network marketing. All the attempts and failures have really jaded me that it will work for me. And all the hype that tends to go with MLM opportunities? It kind of makes my skin crawl.

Theoretically, that’s not what I would be joining this particular opportunity for. I would be joining it for the access to my mentor’s mentor. And what a fantastic opportunity that is – he never offers his training this inexpensively.

Unfortunately, and especially after talking things over with my husband, I cannot justify the expense right now, even for the training. No matter how much I want to. I tell myself that if I worked just a little and signed up a few people, it would pay for my training, and hey, maybe even earn me a little extra money, too!

In meditation this morning, a song lyric kept going through my mind:

You leave a lot to be desired,

But I still desire you.

To me that says even though part of me wants to accept this offer, there is still something missing.

I also have to honor my husband’s opinion. And when I really check in with myself, my heart isn’t in it. But is that just the regret of having to pass up a good opportunity? I don’t have the sales skills to do this again. It would take me away from creating the course I want to create and share with you. On the other hand, this would help me learn more of the sales skills I need to be able to share the course with you.


What do you think? If you are in the US (its not available in Canada yet, another strike against it for me at the moment), would you be interested in an opportunity to get unlimited mobile service, data and text for $49/month, with the possibility for being paid back for referring your friends? If so, send me an email and I will invite you to the opportunity. I’d give you a direct link, but you have to invite people individually. If no one emails, I totally understand – this isn’t the right time for me to enter this opportunity.



3 Responses

  1. This prompted a chat about what we would do if we were looking for a phone service (we have a 20$ cellphone pay as you go that we don’t use up every month) but we would call friends and family just to talk and keep in touch if we had a landline.

    I don’t really miss having a phone; there’s always skype.

    I think I am more excited to hear what you are planning courses-wise. I have been enjoying all of your writing- I’m waiting to hear more about what’s coming soon!
    katana leigh recently posted..What Good Is Crying?

  2. Thanks, Katana! I really checked in with myself and my guides, and getting going on my course is more in alignment for me. Thank you for helping to keep me on track!

  3. the line:” i leave alot to be desired, but i still desire you”, struck a deep cord with me. in your case i see it meaning what you said it did, something is still missing. i then thought of those words in regards to my experiences with emily carr university. for those of you not familar with this university it is the top art school of bc, and one in canada, there are students from switzerland and all over the world who try to get in, so it is very competitive and prestious all at the same time. there are also the very many numerous stories i have heard as i have spent time there, of artists who ended up doing portrait sketches outside the vancouver aquarium, or the ones who complained in class, that it is just a snobby school saying what is art, or what is a valueable poltical art statement and what is not, when they have lost the true meaning of creation in itself, and those who refuse to enter their program at all, and strike it out on their own. at any rate whatever side u see to this instition, and i personally have seen all sides, i think back to those words, yes, they lack the spiritual awareness i wish they would be open to, do i think it will ever change no, however i have seen a few teachers give me respect from the stand point i come from, so while the majority of issues i have with this instition is lacking, the overall desire i have of completing my degree is more, and still desired, so to all those who could not understand why do university studies, to help u in their courses and keep continuing in that direction, you seemed happier after taking a short summer break, i say it gave me the proper time to reflect, and change my inner course within myself to recalculate and decide how to go about the same path differently next time, because the end result, i desire more than to change course completly. yes it may change later, however the worth of completling what i started, and all i learned( non academically) is a sense of acomplishment, no school, no matter what their reputation is, that sense of self worth, is the desire to be left wanted, and i still desire that self respect, so to me it is worth it. however ask me that again in about a years time, lol, you never know in my self growth i may have a different answer for u then lol.