Daily Archives: August 12, 2012

It’s Getting REALLY LOUD Around Here!

Get in the conversation, she says. Like it should be easy. Yeah, right!

It's getting Really Loud!There’s so much noise out there in the marketplace nowadays. Everyone is flogging their products and services, trying to be the one who gets your attention, get their voice heard. With so much volume of blogs and posts and sales pages and videos and…how can I ever hope to be heard?

Right now, I’m not even trying to sell you anything. Yes, I have guided meditations for sale on my website. Chances are good that you already know about that. All I want is to engage you somehow. Talk with you, get to know you, and give you the opportunity to get to know me.

I can start a conversation. I have no problem with writing. But I can’t force you to reply. I can request it, and encourage it, but I can’t force it.

It’s so frustrating to go into different groups on Facebook and no one is talking to each other, they are just talking at each other. Join my opportunity, buy my book, sign up for my mailing list, listen to my radio show. There’s no engagement, no contribution, no support. It’s like I’ve walked into a party where everyone is shouting louder and louder and no one is even listening anymore.

Well, I’m going to change that. Aside from sharing some of these posts because it is part of my challenge, I am going to see what I can do to engage, enliven and support others. Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I want to see more interesting conversation. I want to connect with you. And so I will be that. I will connect with you on your terms, in quite whispers of curiosity and encouragement and stop trying to shout louder than everyone else. Because there’s no way I can out-shout the crowd.

It takes a lot more work than my usual lurking to get in the conversation. It also takes a lot more time. I’m a little nervous about whether I will be able to keep it up once I am back at work full time.  Even if I can’t do it to the same extent, I will be able to do some. And as long as I continue to contribute at least a little, that will be good enough for me.

Who wants to whisper with me? Join me on Facebook and lets turn the volume down.