What a Slug Taught Me About Getting What I Want


For those of you wondering what the heck thimbleberries are…

I was walking on the path through the woods near our home the other day. I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet, so I was grateful for the abundant harvest of thimbleberries and huckleberries that nature was providing me. I was thoroughly enjoying the beautiful morning, and all of my attention was on spotting the red jewels hiding in the green leaves.

As I reached out to grab one particularly enticing berry, my foot slipped off the tree root I was using to get myself closer to the prize. I looked down, and realized the reason my foot had slipped was because I had stepped on a slug.

Now, many of you might say, “Ewww! Gross!” when stepping on a slug. And had I been barefooted, I certainly would have. But, I was wearing shoes, and so I felt bad that I had injured the poor creature. It was even one of the native banana slugs, and not one of the imported black European slugs. Why should I feel sorry for a slimy slug? Well, here I was, an outsider coming into its home, and not giving any attention to where I was placing my giant feet. I was focused only on getting what I wanted, and not aware of how my desire was affecting others around me.

I think (I hope) the slug was all right. It was a fairly large slug, and I only stepped on the end of its tail and rolled it off the tree root. It was starting to move away as I sent it some Reiki and apologized profusely for stepping on it.

I started to think about how my actions toward achieving my goals and dreams were affecting others around me, especially my family. I work to provide for them, and I do other work to fill my spirit. And sometimes all of that means I don’t get to spend as much time with them as we all would like. So I made sure after my walk was over to spend some time focused just on my children. It was a little challenging since they really enjoy their computer time. πŸ™‚ But we went and played in the river, and I’ve been ensuring that I give them my full attention when they are speaking to me.

Stepping on that slug really made me more aware of where I was giving my attention. I like to think I am giving more of it to the things that are worthwhile. I can still get what I want (like the berry I picked after I stepped on the slug), without bringing more pain to others around me.

Where are you giving your attention? And how is going for what you want affecting others around you?



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