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What a Slug Taught Me About Getting What I Want


For those of you wondering what the heck thimbleberries are…

I was walking on the path through the woods near our home the other day. I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet, so I was grateful for the abundant harvest of thimbleberries and huckleberries that nature was providing me. I was thoroughly enjoying the beautiful morning, and all of my attention was on spotting the red jewels hiding in the green leaves.

As I reached out to grab one particularly enticing berry, my foot slipped off the tree root I was using to get myself closer to the prize. I looked down, and realized the reason my foot had slipped was because I had stepped on a slug.

Now, many of you might say, “Ewww! Gross!” when stepping on a slug. And had I been barefooted, I certainly would have. But, I was wearing shoes, and so I felt bad that I had injured the poor creature. It was even one of the native banana slugs, and not one of the imported black European slugs. Why should I feel sorry for a slimy slug? Well, here I was, an outsider coming into its home, and not giving any attention to where I was placing my giant feet. I was focused only on getting what I wanted, and not aware of how my desire was affecting others around me.

I think (I hope) the slug was all right. It was a fairly large slug, and I only stepped on the end of its tail and rolled it off the tree root. It was starting to move away as I sent it some Reiki and apologized profusely for stepping on it.

I started to think about how my actions toward achieving my goals and dreams were affecting others around me, especially my family. I work to provide for them, and I do other work to fill my spirit. And sometimes all of that means I don’t get to spend as much time with them as we all would like. So I made sure after my walk was over to spend some time focused just on my children. It was a little challenging since they really enjoy their computer time. 🙂 But we went and played in the river, and I’ve been ensuring that I give them my full attention when they are speaking to me.

Stepping on that slug really made me more aware of where I was giving my attention. I like to think I am giving more of it to the things that are worthwhile. I can still get what I want (like the berry I picked after I stepped on the slug), without bringing more pain to others around me.

Where are you giving your attention? And how is going for what you want affecting others around you?



I’m Being Eaten by a Boa Constrictor

I'm being eaten by a boa constrictorOh, I’m being eaten
By a boa constrictor,
A boa constrictor,
A boa constrictor,
I’m being eaten by a boa constrictor,
And I don’t like it–one bit.
Well, what do you know?
It’s nibblin’ my toe.
Oh, gee,
It’s up to my knee.
Oh my,
It’s up to my thigh.
Oh, fiddle,
It’s up to my middle.
Oh, heck,
It’s up to my neck.
Oh, dread,
It’s upmmmmmmmmmmffffffffff . . .

~ Shel Silverstein

Have you ever had an idea for a project that has completely consumed you? I imagine it is kind of like being eaten by a boa constrictor.

I had an idea for a creative project about a month ago and now it’s taken over my life (at least for the last few days). We have an old, portable table that we use for our rituals. The top is a round piece of press board, and there are four legs that screw in to the bottom. Simple, portable, and ugly! We use a cloth to cover it, so most of the time you don’t see how ugly and stained the press board is.

Being press board, it is starting to flake away around the edges. So I started thinking about ways to hold it together a little longer. I have some pour on sealant, and I think that will definitely keep it from falling apart for a while.

Of course, I don’t want to just put the sealant right on the press board. I mean, it’s really ugly! So then I started thinking about what I could paint on it before I seal it that would be prettier than the stained press board.

I love Celtic knots. For a while, I was sewing them on everything. That was when I wasn’t working full time, though. A Celtic knot is a natural thing for me to pain on it. The design and the colors started coming to me. I didn’t have a suitable color of paint for the background in a large enough amount – I’d have to buy that. But I should have all the other colors I want to use…

And then there was that pesky thing that ate up much of my time – work. 🙂 This would have to be a project for when I was off work for the summer. As long as I was busy with work, I could (mostly) fend off the boa constrictor. I still bought the paint for the base coat and painted several coats one weekend while I was still working.

So here I am with lots of time on my hands, and the creativity has begun! I have spent the last few days measuring and drawing out the design. Yesterday especially was spent drawing. I stayed up quite late last night beginning to paint. I’m eager to get back at it this morning,  too!

Yes, I’m being eaten by a boa constrictor. It won’t let me go until I’ve finished this project. I have at least two guided meditations to put up for you, and they are going to have to wait until the boa constrictor is done with me.

While you’re waiting, would you help me out? I’m curious to know about pricing for the meditations. Please vote in the poll below and let me know what you think!




Scarcity Rears Its Ugly Head

Saturday was my last day of work for about a month and a half. I’ve known this day was coming for several months, so I have had lots of time to deal with the scarcity conversation about money, and I’m actually pretty calm about that. I trust that the Universe is taking care of me in that respect.

Scarcity vs AbundanceThe lack and scare-city reared its head in a different way last week, though. Before I received the layoff notice, I had been planning to go camping with a group of friends this weekend. I had submitted my request for the time off, and I was really looking forward to it, because I had missed it the last several years (because of work). Once the notice came, though, that ended all thoughts of having this weekend off. I needed to be there to help shut things down, and I wanted the money for the coming time off.

I was bummed, of course. So my family started thinking about heading down just for the last night, after I got off work. There was going to be a ritual Saturday night, so we would still be included in some of the festivities.

Then last week we heard that the ritual was going to be at 5 pm instead of 7. There was no way we could be there for 5. And I started questioning whether it would be worth driving the two plus hours to get there if we would be missing all the events of the weekend. Then one of my mentors offered to do a couple of workshops, and I felt even more that I was missing out. The “poor me” voice in my head was having a heyday!

I was feeling bad, which means I am out of alignment with myself. I asked myself what I was really upset about. This event was bringing up all the times I had missed out on something because I had to work, or because I have children. I thought I had dealt with that and taken responsibility for the choices I have made already! And why was I suddenly feeling the scarcity of missing out on this one experience? Most people would still be freaking out about having enough money to last for the layoff.

And then the insight struck me. I’m not truly open to receive abundance financially if I am focused on the lack in other areas of my life. If what I focus on I receive more of, then focusing on missing this experience is not where I want to place my attention and energy!

I started looking for the abundance of other experiences I was having, or could be having. I enjoyed a wonderful potluck with other staff and Board members from work at a beautiful home on Quadra Island overlooking the Straight of Georgia. The next night I had a very enjoyable and entertaining evening with some girlfriends, one of whom has moved to another village several hours away, and was here for just the one night. On the way home I saw the stunning Aurora Borealis. I went for a walk with another friend to a beautiful park called Nymph Falls, and shared some good conversation with her.

And probably the most important – I got to sleep in my own bed! (Me and the ground don’t see eye to eye when it comes to sleeping.)

I am grateful for the abundance and variety of experiences I was blessed with this weekend, even if I missed out on other experiences. I trust that I was exactly where I needed to be this weekend, doing exactly what I needed to be doing, with exactly the right people. Thank you all!

Where are you having “lack” conversations, and how can you shift them to abundant conversations?



Sometimes I’m a Little Bit Crunchy


And sometimes I’m a bit of a… you’ll have to watch the video to find out!


For any of you who are curious, here are the proportions I use for my natural shampoo and conditioner:

1 cup warm water
1 Tbsp baking soda

Dissolve the baking soda in the warm water and pour into a container (I use an old shampoo bottle). Shake before using.

To use, pour straight onto your hair, focusing on the roots. Scrub and rinse. It doesn’t lather like regular shampoo. It thoroughly cleans your hair of any chemical buildup, so if you have colored your hair, you may not want to use it. I haven’t colored my hair in ages, so I am not worried about that.

1 cup water
1/3 cup apple cider vinegar
7-10 drops peppermint essential oil (optional)
7-10 drops rosemary essential oil (optional)

Mix and store in the shower (again, I use an old conditioner bottle). Shake well before using.

To use, pour directly onto your hair, focusing more on the ends. You can let it sit on your hair for a while before you rinse it out, or you can leave it in. This helps restore the pH balance of your hair. Once your hair dries, you won’t smell the vinegar. It won’t feel slippery like with regular conditioner, so I was amazed at how easy my hair was to comb out – no tangles at all!

Tooth Powder
4 Tbsp baking soda
2 packets Stevia powder (because I like it a little sweet, and it helps counteract the flavor of the baking soda)
10 drops peppermint essential oil

Mix well with a spoon and store in a container with a lid. If you leave it open, the baking soda will absorb the odors in the air where it is stored – not the best idea if you are storing it in the bathroom!

Feel free to adjust the amounts of any of the ingredients. You’ll find lots of different versions out there on the Internet.

I’d love to hear some of your natural personal care recipes, or home remedies below. And let me know where you experience balance in your life, and where it is more of a challenge for you. I look forward to hearing from you!


UPDATE 2014-04-26

I just went 3 weeks back on shampoo and conditioner in an attempt to maintain color for an event. My hair was oilier, my scalp was SUPER itchy, and my hair tangled very easily. It also felt heavier.

After one wash back with the “no-poo”, my hair is lighter, softer, much less oily and much less snarly.

I recommend using non-pasteurized apple cider vinegar. I have noticed my hair is shinier than when I use the pasteurized. I think is has to do with the enzymes.

I don’t use the essential oils much any more. Just the straight solutions.

Also, several people have mentioned that they add honey to the baking soda, and it is gentler on their hair. Good luck!

The Search for a Priest

My apologies for not posting last week. Thank you for your patience!

Here is part 3 in the “How I became a priestess” series. In this video, I describe how I became affiliated with the Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Canada.

Please remember to buy a meditation before July 9th! All proceeds go to help Jamie Sumner learn an effective trauma treatment so she can give back to the community.