Music to Raise Your Vibration

Part of raising my consciousness and my vibration is giving attention to the environments I am in. From obvious things like being aware of how the clutter around me affects me, to not watching television, to what music I am listening to, everything can affect my state of mind.

Conscious MusicI admit, there are times (most of the time, actually) when I have the radio on without really listening to it. It is on in the car, and sometimes at work. I’m starting to give more attention to those background noises though.

Part of it started last summer, when I really listened to the words of a very catchy song that I enjoyed – Pumped Up Kicks. The song is very upbeat, but it is about a school shooting. I was horrified, especially because it would get stuck in my head for hours at a time. That is definitely NOT the kind of energy I want to be calling toward me!

So I started to change the station when it, or other songs I didn’t like came on. Or listen to CD’s that have a higher vibration message.

I am blessed through my work to have the opportunity to meet and see different performers, some of whom may not be very well known. One that I met this year is Nathen Aswell. He describes himself as “conscious pop”, and his music has an easy-listening sound with very high vibration messages. Here is one of his songs, Choose Love, that he graciously has allowed me to share with you:

You can learn more about Nathen and hear more of his music here.

Other conscious musicians I recommend and enjoy are Paul Hoffman and Myles Bigleow. After a little research, there is an entire Conscious Music Movement out on the web, and there is even a Conscious Music Festival in Australia! If you go to the Featured Artist page, you can sample some other musicians there.



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