How Can I Serve You?

I recently received a promotion within my church. I’ve been in a leadership position for a long time, and my efforts have been recognized.

And of course, with the higher position comes greater responsibility.

Give BackThe responsibility as a spiritual leader isn’t always straightforward and clear cut. There is the visible piece of regular religious services, and the celebrations of the phases of life (birth, marriage, death, etc). And, of course, there is the administrative piece.

And then there is the part of serving your congregation. This piece takes on many forms: phone calls, in person guidance, sending prayers and healing energy to those who are unwell, counseling, coaching, encouraging, teaching, cooking, cleaning…

It is interesting the shift I have felt going on inside me. At the festival I attended a couple of weeks ago, my purpose was completely different than it has been in the past. I was there to serve and give back to my community. I worked in the kitchens, preparing snacks and goodies for people. I missed all the workshops and extra events, except for the two that I was participating in.

The most wonderful part is that I didn’t feel that I missed out on anything. I was right where I was needed, and what I was doing made the experience more positive for many people. Whether it was a sweet treat, a latte, or a smile, I know I helped to brighten someone’s day. That in itself was a huge reward for me.

I was also extremely grateful and pleased to be a part of the ceremony that installed a new leader in our church.

With that attitude of service in my heart, I want to know how I can help you. I’m starting to plan a group coaching session for this summer, starting in July. What challenges are you facing that you could use a little help with? Where are you struggling in your life? Where could you use a boost of energy?

Please leave your comments below. Your input is very much appreciated!

In service,


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  1. i think my biggest struggle right now that keeps coming up for me is having respect for structure. it was not a positive thing for me growing up, so i tend to run away from it. it was my way or the highway, deal with it, cause this is how life is, and it made school, work, even being apart of society’s norms of running difficult, as i felt unheard, disrespected and like my opinion did not matter. as an adult now i am realizing responsibility is not these things and am working to change my pre-programmed beliefs, which is challenging, as i value creativity, variety and liberal forms of things within society as i have felt much freedom within it’s open arms i never knew before. i realize the struggle of power roles, competition, and uncontional love are my own issues to overcome within this lifetime, however i do not know how to see structure as anything but conservative and constricting. if you could help me see this in a different light i would be grateful.