Dancing with Kali

It’s a new month, and a New Moon, and a new Goddess. (Happy Canada Day and Happy Independence Day, by the way!) It’s been interesting as I begin to work with Kali’s energy.  She began whispering to me the moment I made the decision, even though I said I would wait until the 1st of July to begin working with her.

I have several books that touch on Kali, so I’ve been reading up on her, little bits at a time.  What calls to me most is the story of her dancing the world to destruction. I’ll share a passage from my one of my favorite Goddess authors, Patricia Monaghan:

Kali YantraSeveral famous myths tell just how uncontrollable Kali’s energy is.  Once, it was said, she dare to dance with Shiva, the Lord of the Dance. They grew wilder and wilder, more competitive in their dancing, until it seemed the world would shake itself to pieces – and so it will, for beneath all appearances that dance continues.  Another time, it is said, Kali fought and killed two demons and celebrated her victory by draining their bodies of blood.  Then, drunk with slaughter, she began to dance.  Thrilling to the feel of lifeless flesh beneath her naked feet, Kali danced more ad more wildly – until she realized that Shiva himself was underneath her and that she was dancing him to death.  The god’s tactic slowed Kali’s wildness, but only for the moment, and eventually she will resume the dance that ends the world. 

from The New Book of Goddesses & Heroines

Kali has been calling me to dance with her, in quiet whispers and loud music. She’s even used one of my online courses to give me dancing as homework! I’m looking at trying Zumba next week as well, a fitness class that offers Latin style movement with aerobic benefits.

While most of Western culture focuses on Kali’s destructive aspect, I am consciously searching for the beautiful side of this beloved Goddess, the Mahakali, or Great Kali. This Kali is the creator, who blesses all those who come to her with a pure heart.

To dance with Kali is to be outside of time (another meaning for her name, kali, is time). When I am dancing, I can forget all of the stresses and responsibilities of daily life.  I can dance away my troubles, allowing the movement to release all the negative holding patterns in my body. In release, I create space for the positive to flow in.

I’m not sure yet where this dance will take me. And yet I seek with open heart and open mind, and I enjoy the journey of the dance.



2 Responses

  1. Wow, we’re on the same wavelength. I’ve had a persistent urge to dance, and dance with abandon. Not just physically, but emotionally. But I’m always afraid of going too far, of losing control, of, like Kali, dancing to destruction. Thank you for these insights. I never thought to look at dance as a release of the negative. That it’s okay to dance with the negative as long as we let the negative go, instead of using it as fuel for more. I would love to hear more about Kali, both the destructive and the creative. Please write more! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for your feedback, Karen. It seems there is a vibe out there to MOVE! I’ve heard it from several people. And I definitely will write more!