Is It Time to Write a Book?

A dozen or so years ago, I went to a channeling session organized by a friend of mine.  After sharing a lot of general information for the whole group, we were each invited to ask a question. One of the things she shared with me when it was my turn was that I have at least three books in me.

Writing my BookOn and off over the years, I’ve thought about that session. The big question that always comes to my mind is, “What would I write about?” In the last couple of weeks, several people have asked me when I am going to write a book.  None of the people who have asked me recently knew me twelve years ago. So, I think the Universe is trying to let me know its time to start working on my first book.

Yesterday mornign after yoga, I lay on my mat meditating, and I asked myself again, “What can I write about that is different than other books that have already been written?”

This time, I received an answer. It’s a project I’ve already been working on for the last eleven years. It’s called “Walks With the Goddess”. Each chapter will be about a different Goddess. I’ll write about Her background and mythology, share my personal experiences from working with Her and how she has influenced my life, and include the guided meditation I’ve written to integrate Her lessons.

You’re my market research. What do you think of this idea? Do you think it will be a best seller? 🙂 I look forward to hearing your comments below.



2 Responses

  1. yes I think it would be a wonderful book. I would love to learn more about the godesses.

  2. Thank you, Di! I appreciate your encouragement!