And the Winner Is…

A couple of weeks ago I asked you to vote on the next Goddess I would spend some time exploring and working with.  Thank you to everyone who voted. There was a very clear winner.

Starting on Friday, July 1st, I will begin my time with Kali. I chose this date because not only is the beginning of the month, it is a New Moon as well.

KaliI’m a little nervous to tell you the truth.  I’ve studied Kali a tiny bit, many years ago, and I barely scratched the surface.  She is known as Mother Kali, and Kali the Destroyer.  She is considered by many as a Dark Goddess, much like Ereshkigal, and yet Ramprasad often wrote about her beauty.

Over the next month, I’ll be researching her, and meditating on her, and observing how she shows up in my life. I’ll also be reviewing the guided meditation I wrote last time I worked with her, and recording it to make it available for you. I’m sure I have much to learn from her!

What do you know about Kali? What intrigues you about her, and makes you want to know more?

I’ll leave you with this poem by Ramprasad:

How I love that dark beauty,
seducing the world
with her black hair,
how I love her!

How I love my black darling,
who lives in the heart of the world,
in the heart of our hearts,
in the heart of the gods,
how I love her!

Because she is black,
I love black.
Because she dances,
I love dancing.
Because she is beautiful
and black with dancing
hair, I cannot help
myself, I adore her!

I look forward to hearing more about why you love Kali!



2 Responses

  1. Sri ma – Kali ma – Adhi ma- Pahi ma
    This excellent rendition of ancient chant introduced me to the warmer side of Kali

  2. That is beautiful, Sheila! I really appreciate you sharing that with me.

    Do you know what the words all mean?