Self Care

I’ve spoken before about the importance of ritual.  One of the rituals I have re-introduced in my week is that of self care.

My first daily self care practice is meditation.  I have my alarm set early so that I can meditate before I get my boys up, or get myself ready for the rest of the day.  My daily meditation really helps keep me centered throughout the day, and sets the tone for the day.  The days I do not meditate, I feel “off”.  So even when I would rather just roll over and go back to sleep, I meditate. (Though sometimes a little unconsciousness works its way into my meditation time…)

I also drink lots of water each day.  I have a water bottle I really love, and so it’s a lot easier to drink more water.  It’s amazing how a little thing like a special water bottle can make a difference to how much water I drink.

Another daily self care practice is to taking a walk.  I was finding it challenging to schedule a specific time for physical activity that I could do every day.  I decided I would just go for a walk every day, whenever I could fit it in.  Sometimes, it happens in the morning before I go to work.  Sometimes it happens in the middle of the day, or right before I go to bed.  Whenever it happens, I take care of myself by going for a walk.

My big self care ritual happens once a week.  I run a hot bubble bath for myself, and do as much pampering of myself as I can. Sometimes I light a candle, sometimes I read, sometimes I just soak in the tub.  I give myself the spa treatment.  Sometimes a facial, sometimes a pedicure, whatever strikes me as what I need that week.

The point is to help me feel special, pampered, and well taken care of. Now, if only my bathroom looked more like this:

spa treatment

photo by maxymedia

What do you do to self care?



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