How are Computers, Business and Emotions Related?

My post is a bit late today, and it’s going to be pretty short.  I picked up a new-to-me computer last night, and I have a lot of programs to install, and a lot of data to transfer from my older computer to the newer one.

It’s not quite the computer I really want (a MacBook Pro with solid state hard drive – that one will be coming as soon as I have a few more coaching clients and web sales!).  And, it is definitely a step up from my old computer.

Sometimes it is easier to make big changes gradually.  Chunk it down, and take smaller steps to get where you want to go.  I’ve been working on doing this with my business , and with my emotions.

With my business, I would like to be completely self-employed, earning more than I need to live from my coaching business and website sales.  And that is too big of a step from where I am now for me to just up and quit my day job. 🙂  So I continue making little steps that move me in the direction I want to go.

For an emotional example, last week I was in the middle of preparing dinner for my family, when I got a call from work.  I was totally caught off guard, and ended up leaving the dinner preparations and driving to work, fuming the whole way.  I knew that I would have to be calm and peaceful if I was needed at work, but that was too big a jump from the emotion I was in at that moment.  So I started from where I was, and slowly went from anger to frustration, to irritation, to acceptance, to calm and peaceful.

The process is not instant, however I may wish it to be in all of these cases. It takes time, and conscious choice.  My goal right now is to be conscious of the choices I am making at all times.



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