And Now for a Word from our Sponsors

Mainly, me!


Are you low on blood sugar right now? Not able to focus on the words on the screen?  Go get a banana or a cup of tea, and come back when you can focus.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait.  Really!

Ahh! Much better!

The big sale on the full set of 12 Power Walks Within plus the bonus Walks With the Goddess package ends tonight at midnight! The price will be going up to $67.00, which is still a great deal, but why pay more if you don’t have to? 🙂 Go to the Power Walks Within page to get yours now! Remember to use coupon code: COMPLETION.

The Divine Feminine Diamond Retreat with Lourdes Elardo Gant (and me!) is coming up this weekened at the beautiful Kingfisher Resort in Courtenay, British Columbia.  It’s going to be a weekend filled with pampering and fun, sisterhood and learning – about yourself, about relationships, and about money.  I’ll be leading several guided meditations throughout the weekend, as well as providing some coaching, so come experience me live!  For more details, check out the Divine Feminine Diamond Retreat page.

And last, but certainly not least, I’m going back to Maui in February to lead another retreat with The Peaceful Woman, and I would love to have you join me!  Imagine yourself on the warm beaches of Maui, going to sacred locations all over the island, learning from Hawaiian culture and nature itself, and rediscovering the real you, full of passion and life! That’s just a tiny bit of what happens on a Peaceful Woman Maui Passage. Here’s the link for the full Passage description.  Enter code “MM” in the checkout.

Any one of these would make a great Christmas present to yourself…. (gasp! I just used the C-word!)

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.



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