The Importance of Ritual, Part 2

Last week I talked about the difference between ritual and routine, and that intention plays a big part.  This week, I’m going to talk about why I would want to make more of my routines into rituals.

Several of you left comments last week about how the shift in perspective from routine to ritual helped make those things flow more easily.  I’ve certainly noticed that in my life. For example, each night before bed I prepare my raw breakfast for the morning.  I pour the filtered water in the bowl, and put the seeds and oats in to soak.  For me, this ritual is about nourishing my body in a healthy way and starting my day off right.  I end the day preparing for the next day, telling the Universe I plan to wake up in the morning, and creating a circular flow to my days.  And so flow is a big reason to focus on ritual.

One of my core beliefs is that I am a soul having a human experience.  My soul is an extension of the Creator.  I am made of Divine Source energy, and so is everyone and everything in my experience.  When I am coming from a place of ritual, I am recognizing and honoring the Divine in all aspects of my life.  I feel my experiences are more meaningful to me when I approach them with a sense of the Sacred operating in me and through me.

Ritual is a great way to signal your mind that you are moving into a different space.  I have a ritual of writing in my journal, drawing cards from a couple of different oracle decks, and meditating.  I gather all the things I will need on my bed, sit cross-legged up by my pillow and tuck the blankets on my lap.  I feel cozy, and I have cued my mind that we’re going to be here for a while.  My mind moves into meditation easier sitting there after writing than it does if I just sit down and decide to journal.

Another reason to change a routine into a ritual is for those tasks that I just don’t enjoy.  I can usually think of about a hundred other things I could be doing than folding the laundry.  On the days where it is just part of the routine, I often get distracted, and it takes me four times as long to finish, because I really don’t want to be doing it.  It gets done a lot faster and easier when I look at the chore as a way to serve my family.  It is an expression of my love for my children that I sort and fold their laundry (they still have to put it away 😉 ). It also is a perfect time to practice mindfulness meditation!

Thank you for all your comments last week!  Please leave more comments below and let me know what routines you are turning into rituals.



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