Cleaning Up the Gulf Oil Spill

I don’t watch the news…on purpose.  I don’t need big media stirring up fear and worry where it may not be necessary.  I don’t even watch television. ” It rots your brain and is bad for your eyes.” That’s what my parents used to say.  But really, I don’t have time for television.  I have much more important things to do.  I can’t say I even seek out current events in other ways.  But the really big ones seem to find me.

You’d have to be a pretty determined hermit if you haven’t heard about the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico (and if you are, I am honored that you’re reading my blog!).    Over a month ago now, operations to drill for oil in the Gulf failed–spectacularly.  It cost 11 people their lives, and continues to kill off all levels of ocean life.

Deepwater Horizon on fire

Anchor handling tugs combat the fire on the Deepwater Horizon while the United States Coast Guard searches for missing crew.

The oil that is spewing from the hole in the ocean floor is only a part of the problem, however.  The main chemical dispersant that BP is using, Corexit, is highly toxic.  It is known to cause neurological damage to sea life.  It contains carcinogenic (cancer causing) substances, and even the humans handling it have to wear full bio-hazard suits.  The dispersant’s job is to break up large clumps of oil, making it easier for the ocean to digest. (Yes, there are naturally occurring microbes in the ocean that eat the oil.  There just isn’t a very high concentration of them.)   Corexit does break up the oil, but also sinks it deeper, so you can’t see it, meanwhile killing off everything.  And I do mean everything, including those handy little microbes.

How have I come to know so much about this disaster when I usually ignore the news?  My husband is part of a team that has access to a completely green, plant based dispersant. Specifically, it has no carcinogenic ingredients, and is completely safe to use on your own skin.  But no one with decision making power is listening. This group even has the means to clean up, not just disperse, the oil slick in an environmentally friendly way.

Call to action: If you have any connections to officials in county, state or federal goverment, please email David.  Let’s clean it up, and make it liveable again!



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