Getting Into Alignment

I had an aha! moment the other night as I was writing in my journal.  I’m feeling the need to go to another personal development conference or workshop.

I’ve been to several really amazing ones in the past year, and I always come home feeling on top of the world and soaring with energy.  The last one I went to was The Peaceful Woman in August.  While I am blessed to participate in weekly phone calls with a group of Peaceful Women, and even more blessed to have an in-depth check in with one woman in particular, it’s not quite the same as being in the same space with others of like mind.

Why is that?

The conclusion I came to is that regularly going to conferences or workshops and being in a group of self-aware or high vibration people is like going to the chiropractor.  My body gets so used to being out of alignment, that it becomes the norm.  If I don’t have an adjustment for a while, then I need to go several times to get my body used to being in alignment.  With regular maintenance, being in alignment becomes the norm.

The same can be said for my energy body.  A year ago I went to three weekend intensives in three months.  I was pumped, excited, and it set a really good precedence for the year.  Then, I couldn’t keep up with the expense and the time away from work, so I didn’t go for a while, and my energy lagged.  This summer, I went to a few more, but now it has been three months and I am feeling the need for re-alignment.

The phone calls are kind of like the chiropractor just adjusting my lower back, or just my neck, but not my whole spine.  It helps, but it’s not as good as the full meal deal.  I’m working to manifest a couple of trips in the next couple of months to help get me back into full spiritual alignment, alignment with my soul’s purpose.  In the mean time, I’m continuing my meditation and journal writing practices for my mind and spirit, like my yoga practice for my body.

Because I now appreciate the value of regular adjustments, physically, mentally and spiritually.



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